Broken/seized bolt removal

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  1. Soo I broke one of the bolts that keeps my gas tank straps on. There was a fair chunk still sticking out of the metal so I tried some vice grips with WD40 and that failed miserably. A big part of the problem is that I cannot get to the top of the bolt (it goes in upside down) as its in its own sealed off part of the frame so I can't really get WD40 or any kind of penetrating fluid for that matter to drizzle down through the cracks.

    So then I tried drilling it out, and I've gotten it pretty hollow for the most part. I didn't drill all the way through to make a hole on the other end though, if that changes anything. Once it was hollow enough I tried wrechning at it with locking pliers and it collapsed the exposed part of the shaft as expected but I just couldn't twist it out. I then proceeded to rip off all the excess metal at the top, and the rest of the bolt is still in the frame (save for maybe 2mm).

    Can anyone offer ideas? I'm ready to take the drill to my skull at this point.
  2. Buy my clean S14 and transplant everything
  3. lolol

    I think in the future if I ever look to get another S13 or S14 I'd be willing to raod trip to the States just to get a rust free one
  4. so its a bolt that goes into the frame that you've drilled out and had collapse on you?

    if so go buy some easy outs and give that a shot. also try heating it to get it out.

    otherwise you'll have to drill it out completely and rethread the hole.
  5. when applying penetrating oil, did you tap on it with a hammer? That often allows it to penetrate like 10x better.

    anyways, drill it out, rethread. Its probably a welded in stud or something youre trying to drill out/lul
  6. 1. Stop using WD-40, it's a lubricant, not a penetrant.
    2. Start using PB Blaster or Kroil.
    3. ????
    4. Profit!
  7. Use a Heli-Coil if you want to use the same size bolt after re-threading.
  8. Got it out! Borrowed my neighbors wider drill bit and just kept drilling. What I thought was old remains of the bolt thread was actually the real thread on the frame itself so thankfully I only chipped away a bit at it, and the new bolt seems to thread in just fine! I really lucked out with this one.

    I know WD40 kinda sucks, I eventually found my long lost bottle of Liquid Wrench but the problem is that I had to apply it upside down and it's not an aerosol like WD40. But while we're on topic, a friend of mine who does autobody recommended some kind of penetrating thing called AC something, sold at GM dealers. Anyone know the name or had experience with it?

    thanks guys
  9. AC130?

    you need like what 11 kills for that
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    not with hardline on!
  11. won't be legal in Canada till 2014.

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