Brutal sound of Nelson engines

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    1963 Pontaic Lemans, 2000hp:

    1969 Camaro, 1750hp:

    Mosler, 1800hp:
  2. I love their engines, so insane. the FB RX7 with 1700hp is amazing
  3. whenever anyone says "brutal" in relation to how something sounds, I want to kill them because it reminds me of RagingBalls
  4. while this is true, there arent many other words that adequately describe nelson engines. Savage might work though.

    seriously awesome motors.
  5. The word savage is also being used quite often by RB.
  6. we're going to need therapy because of raging bawls. just never use APOCALYPTIC to describe anything, even if it happens to be, apocalyptic.
  7. If I happen to see the end of the world, I fear that if I use the word apocalyptic, raging balls will suddenly appear with a box of tissues under his arm and squeak "Did someone say Koenigsegg?"
  8. noisy
  9. Can't wait to hear the apocalyptic sound of a Nelson engine in the Dagger GT!!!1!1!!!
  11. Hmmh, are they doing only engines? The brakes on that Mosler are definitely undersized.
  12. awesome sound. Those engines also look fantastic! Love the looks of the one in the camaro!
  13. in my mind the engines are sounding like: "HAHA"

    not gonna click the video to crush my dreams.
  14. Lololololol
  15. Love that Molser.
  16. so awesome!
  17. Me too! I want a 'Ring time :D

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