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  1. A Nissan 300ZX with 450+ HP will #$%#ing run the 1/4 mile in around 11 seconds, not 14. The stock 300ZX ran 14s! I seriously think the 300ZX is underrated. My friend has one with around 400 HP and he runs mid 12s. Simply bullshit.
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    These stats are for the normal 300ZX Turbo.

    The Sillen was a limited edition and had over 450bhp and was lighter.

    0-60 was in about 4.4secs and 1/4 was 11ish.

    You should see the stats for the 300ZX Turbo. Dont know where they came from, they look more like the NA stats.

    The 300ZX is a great car very underestimated and not many people know what it is becuase it didnt show on Fast and The Furious. LOL

    ECU, increased boost safely to 14psi, induction and exhaust and you will be producing 400bhp. All very common mods and relativly cheap to do.

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    Yup, your friend would have a standard Stage III that most people get. Pop charger, exhaust, and JWT chip. 398 hp, 335 at the wheels. It outpaces C5 corvettes (not Z06s of course), especially once it hits third gear. These SMZs are even faster.
    Actually, my best bud drives a Stage III TT in the summer. I love it, and the fact that it is underrated is fun. Its just something else to watch that guy in the silver DB7 who didn't know what a 300 was get pissed because he lost the drag race, same with the kid in the brand new M3. Those are not made up stories, and they are also with me in the car, so add 200 lbs. Check out for cool Zs
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    This car is slow, my grandma runs faster...HAHAH JK
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    Check out car and driver's stats on the 300zx twin turbo if you want to understand the real thing: 14 seconds for the quarter mile in a turbo Z is when you have a bad run. Here's a decent article when the Z was run and analyzed pretty well by Car and Driver. The article gives 13.7 for the quarter mile in the Z, but I've clocked faster than that in my stock 91 turbo Z. The article by car and driver that is dated 8/91 also says they hit 60 in 5.0 flat seconds. That's only a tenth of a second slower than a supra, and keep in mind the Z only has a 5 speed gear box as opposed to the Supra's 6 speed. While I'm writing all of this, I might as well also shed some light on the myth that a Supra is a better performance car. Yes, the Supra's acceleration times are a bit better, but that's only because the car comes with slightly bigger turbos stock than the Z's, and that's why it generates an extra 20 bhp. If the Z's turbos were slightly upgraded to match the Supra's size, the power would easily be matched if not passed by the Z. Also, what few people understand is that a 300zx is a touring car. It hauls ass but it's also relatively comfortable for a sports car, it's much more comfortable than a Supra or an RX-7. In my opinion, the Supra's main advantage is this: The design of the engine bay under the hood and the entire motor setup. Supras are much easier to work on because there's room under the hood to do work, therefore it's MUCH cheaper to do mods on a Supra as opposed to a 300zx because labor cost goes down drastically. The 300zx is a pain to work on because the motor bay is so tightly packed, and the entire engine needs to be ripped out to do any work that's more than the basic stuff. By the way, I'm a big fan of all the Japanese dragons, and that includes the Supra and the RX-7. I think they're both phenomenal cars, I just know that Nissan is the best Japanese manufacturer in performance because they literally have the most history of racing and technology behind them. Can anyone say Skyline GTR? Also, a GTZ is a ridiculous car, the quarter mile in that car is actually high 11's, low 12's. Not a moronic 13.8 that this stupid site put up. Gimme a break, my stock 300zx turbo clocked in at approx 13.5.

    Anyway, here's a link to that car and driver Z article, comparing it to the dodge stealth R/T:

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