Bugatti 16/4 Veyron -vs- McLaren F1

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    1001 horsepower in a sixteen cylinder. twice the size of most 400hp supercars. shoving 4 turbos in it. if a V8 can create 400+ hp without a turbo of supercharger, then a W16 should create at least 800-900hp without a turbo. and two turbos already add at least 150hp at 4500rpm so where did the other horsepower go to.
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    Some stupid bastards out there are really making me angry.


    Yes this car has 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers but those cylinders are less then half a litre in displacement. You compare this to a 5 litre V8 engine making 80 hp/litre. In naturally aspirated form, this engine makes 630 hp (79 hp/litre) Hmmmm, seems pretty close to me. As for the turbos, yes this car has four but they all develop a tiny amount of boost. I bet that skyline making 1300 hp is running twice as much boost as this. The reason they use four turbos is for near instintaneous power. Thus car is god. If you insult it I will kixck your ass!
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    It dont matter if you like this car or not, but there will always be people that are to thick headed to give respect to a good car. But this is not one of them. 1001 bhp for a quad tirbo. oh my god what is that all about. If a 6 cylinder Supra get more bhp with less than 12 cylinders, and two turbos. There is something wrong. If you dont see it you are thicked headed.
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    By the way I forgot to respond to the question. I think this car would beat the mcLaren in stock. But if it was turbo charged it would be all mclaren.
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    The Veyron is faster , at least I hope so , shame on Bugatti if they can't beat the McLaren with a 1001hp W16 quad turbos engine !!
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    the veyron has the luxury of a limo and the performance like never seen before.i dont see how any one can dis this car in its all round sheer beauty. the mclaren is a legend the performance is also amazing. but it lacks the luxury inside but tell me who cares when your driing a can compare these cars but you will realise that they are both ultimate in their own way. but i have to say that my mclaren is a lot fun to drive due to the central driving position. it feels like a go kart.
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    mclaren kowtows to's evident.even the underfloor propellers won't save the situation<!-- Signature -->
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    this car was not made to be a high tuned racer like the is a cruiser that has a very nice luxurious interior.If Bugatti really wanted they couldve saved a lot of weight with this car by taking out all of the luxo stuff and it would beat the mclaren in more than the top speed record.The only prob that i think is that Bugatti almost went out of business at one point so how the hell are they gonna afford to get 25 of these massive 16 cylinder,near million dollar cars made every year.I hope they do so that the Mclaren finally gets beaten.(I love the Mclaren to but its time it was beaten)

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