Bugatti Chiron hits 304mph

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by SuperSonic, Sep 2, 2019.

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  2. Did not expect the car to get this close to the speedometer 500 max. Hilariously awesome.
  3. Looks a lot better with the extended tail.
  4. That's crazy.
  5. Fantastic
  6. In before "it's a modified version it doesn't count Koeenigsegsssgesgsggs is still the fastest production car"

    God I miss the old days of this site sometimes
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  7. You just know they're going to sell a "WRC" (World Record Car) model as they did with the Veyron SuperSport, thus making it a production car.

    Also, it supposedly had plenty more in it...
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  8. Bigatto lies. That was actually in KPH and this car was highly modified. It's a slow turd
    The kornishgamehenigssegg AgerapeRS is king and will never be dethroned
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  9. fkin lol @ age rape
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  10. I'm not an ageist when it comes to rape.
  11. Naturally. Makes sense they called it the SuperSport
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  12. It's Super.
  13. and *very* sporty!
  14. Such a weak attempt at a record. Not that I care about top speed records, but the non track version of Jesko will smash that nonsense and I also predict that it will reach its top speed 10+sec quicker and do it in two opposite directions.
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  15. So the car will split in two?

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