Bugatti Veyron SuperSport *pics*

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by w00t, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Duke Randall L. Quokford has spoken.
  2. Rabbit.

    All in a days eating.
  3. if i had some money i would buy this AND a trackfocussed car.
  4. O RLY?
  5. gtfo noob
  6. whoa, you dutch guys are supposed to be nice to everyone.
  7. how much is it going to cost? $4million?
  8. standard car does 253
  9. Yeah, and when one does I'll still stay 'holy #$%# 267mph!'
  10. so does this, its speed limited.
  11. 415 =/= 407

  12. Right now there isn't a car on the horizon that could beat this.

    What makes the Veyron truly impressive is that it's no harder to drive than a hot hatch and is comfortable enough to be used as a GT car.
  14. except the 407 was the 2 way avg, the veyron was capable of more, as evidenced in the James May video, and 415 is the speed limit on the SS. The difference between them is 6kmh at best.
  15. So you just can't admit that you were wrong in the first place?

    As I said before, 415 =/= 407 even if it is a 6 km difference...
  16. What was the top speed of the original Veyron before it was limited? wasnt it around 415kmh?
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  18. Raging Cod is such a dipshit.
  19. Please stop ruining Koenigsegg for everyone.
  20. besides the fact that the new one can go something like 434 when unlimited... the numbers really dont even matter all that much. The majority of veyrons wont even see more than 150mph let alone 200 or 250. Bugatti just build the fastest because they can, and people buy the cars because of that knowledge; they dont have the intention to actually go that fast. People with 2 million dollars to spare can figure out a way to remove the limiter if they REALLY have the intention to do so.
  22. It was never a good car to begin with.
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    It's gorgeous. Better looking than the Veyron at least.

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    I'll agree with that.

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