Bugatti Veyron SuperSport *pics*

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  1. i disagree. the Segg looks a lot cheaper. the interior is also leagues, leagues below it. I don't even think the Agera is the best looking of them. I guess the CCXR is.

    In that price range though, nothing tops the Zonda F.
  2. cc8 is the best looking koenigsegg

    and zonda c12s > zonda f
  3. agree on the C12s. But who wouldn't rather have an F?
  4. Original C12 > F > C12S.

    Double wing ftw.
  5. You can get that on the F as well, you thing you should know when you have money is... there's nothing you can't have. I'll look for the pic. And the F is less boxy IMO than the c12 and the S, the added curves for the F really make the car so much more desirable for me. It's ridiculous how good/awesome that car is.
  6. yes the wing on the f looks out of place.
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  8. Ok, so why don't you just go and find this elusive true top speed if it means so much? I doubt it's any higher than 409 anyways...
  9. I think you are missing the point. Although the SS clearly can go faster, by limiting it, the difference between this and the standard car is negligible.
  10. That's not the point I was aiming for. Back a few pages:

    standard car does 253

    so does this, its speed limited.

    Again, 415 doesn't equal 408, even if it isn't noticeable you're still wrong.
  11. The SS is limited to a speed thats faster than the regular car is limited to. wtf are we arguing about?
  12. Burner can't accept he's wrong.
  13. yes i was completely unaware 415 was larger than 409.
  14. Thank God I'm here then, otherwise you still would be.

    Next lesson will be the difference between 10.05 and 10.1, k?

    Thread is now ruined.
  15. how about 1200 vs 1000?
  16. Konigsesggggesesgsge: The CCR was the best looking one.

    Zonda: I really do prefer the redesigned front of the F.

    Burner: Is a dumbass.
  17. 1. 6 Kph @ 400Kph is a great difference (it means at least 50hp! and a lots of aero-problems!)
    2. "the veyron was capable of more": well, the Veyron Ss is capable of more too: avg 431, peak 434! 434-409 (?) = 25 Kph....
    please stop this numbers-tricks!
    Fiat turbo coupé 20v 6 gear (tested 252 Kph) is better than BMW M6 (lim 250 Kph)?
  18. Speed in corners > speed in straight line
  19. you cant go fast around a corner without being fast on the straight line preceding it.
  20., not really. You're almost always braking before entering a corner. How fast you were going on the straight before has nothing to do with how fast you can take the corner without losing control. Your car can be great in a straight line but that doesn't mean it's going to have the balance to be fun when you're no longer on the straight-away. Look at the Continental Supersports. Fast car, but it's kind of a dog around the track. This Bugatti is an awesome engineering achievement, but also kind of useless in the real world.
  21. Both these cars are not useless on the track. The veyron did the ring in 7:40 in traffic.
  22. the supersport can corner at 1.4G if the vag numbers are to be believed...that's zonda F territory, which is not totally unworthy of respect on the track. With 600 more horsepower and awd, and a similar cornering ability, I doubt the veyron SS is a dog. It's not a purposebuilt track car, but it can run with the best of them. It's also a GT. It's also a luxury car. And it's also the fastest car on the planet. Being able to do all of those things is why it is a fantastic achievement.
  23. Agreed
  24. Well said. I want to see some videos, tests, etc on this thing.

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