Bugatti Veyron vs. Orca C113

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    People in my school are making a big deal out of the new Orca C113, . The prototypes of the car has a 2.3 Liter, 375 horsepower engines, but the production version will have a 4.2 liter V8 Audi engine that makes 641 horsepower and the overall weight of the car is below 2000 pounds. The car will have a 9-speed transmission and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. The top speed is estimated at 258 mph. My class mates kept saying the Orca C113 will DESTROY the Bugatti Veyron. In my opinion, what they are saying is IMPOSSIBLE, for three reasons:

    Reason #1: The Veyron will definitely surpass the the C113 in luxury, build quality, reliability and safety. Even if the C113 was somehow able to surpass Veyron in performance, the Veyron will still be called the king, because performance isn't everything. Comfort, drivability and reliability are also big issues for a road car, which explains why it was the Mclaren F1, not the Dauer 962 LeMans, that was being called the ultimate road car.

    Reason #2: The Veyron has the legendary Bugatti name, which makes it 10 times more desirable for car enthusiasts.

    Reason #3: The Veryon is about 5000 times better looking than the Orca C113.

    So the bottom line is: Bugatti Veyron is still the King!!!!


    To check out a Orca C 113, go to the website below:
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    The only reason that the Orca C113 is so fast is that 9 speed transmition. At high Speed, it will lack the power to really get going I say. 2.7seconds to 100kph is possible with 641hp, but i don't think 2.7 seconds to 100kph, constant wicked acceleration, and a top speed of 258mph is possible.

    I don't think it looks too bad, but Bugatti all the way.

    Another thing. An Audi 4.2L V8. 641hp??? No turbo, Supercharging, etc?
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    I thought it was 7 gears like the Bugatti, It's a hell of alot lighter but I don't think it looks nearly as good as most supercars.
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    ok then, if it's 7-speed, not a chance. Bugatti lives on
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    I didn't read the entire article so I'm not sure, but most likely the production 4.2L engine is going be either turbocharged or supercharged.
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    The Orca might catch on, it is in GT4 after all which is good for publicity.
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    I really only see this Orca as another Dauer 962...
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    yeah, but without 962's rich racing heritage
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    And without the Dauer's looks. Sorry, but the Orca is pretty ugly IMO.
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    yes, but better than boy racer cars
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    im a little confused. does it really say that this was built in someones garage???? i seriously dont believe that a car built in a garage is going to beat out supercars made by the best engineers in the world using the most advanced engineering techniques in the world. i really think i missed something, so please tell me what i missed <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    A car built in someones garge is made how they want it, when Ferrari build a new car, they consider cost, target buyers and what it needs tio benefit Ferrari itself not the car so there is always compromise on a road car, even the Enzo. If I wanted to build a supercar and I had the cash and knowledge I could make a car as quick as the Enzo.
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    Umm just to make point here. The Vector Avtech was built in a home Garage, the first prototype of the Koenigsegg cc-8 was built in a home Garage. Thes are both two of the worlds best performance cars, so where they are built really doesnt matter. Where do you think Lingenfelter and Hennessey first started or even Salleen and shelby. They all started in Garages as hobbies and blew up into huge companies that built some of the fastest and elite cars on the planet. It does seem strange that someone is building supercars in their home but it does happen. I automatically think of a little crap-box kit car with a ford this and a chevy that slapped onto a dodge this in a mercedes that. But the truth is many things start where youd least expect it.
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    true stats from orca engineering website and some pics:

    Year: 2003 Production #: Not Avaliable
    Make: Orca Engineering Base Price: $280,000 USD
    Model: C 113 Origin: Not Avaliable

    Top Speed: 205 MPH / 329.9 KPH EPA Gas Mileage: Not Avaliable
    Πmile: Not Available 0 - 60 mph: 3.5 Seconds
    Lat Acceleration: Not Available 0 - 100 mph: Not Available

    Engine and Transmission: Body and Frame:
    Position: Mid-Engine Drive Wheels: RWD
    Configuration: Turbocharged Volvo Inline-5 Curb Weight: 1874 LBS / 849.9 KG
    Valvetrain: Not Avaliable Length: Not Avaliable
    Displacement: 140.3 CU / 2300 CC Width: Not Avaliable
    Power: 375 BHP / 279.6 KW @ 5400 RPM Height: Not Avaliable
    Torque: 399 FT LBS / 541 NM @ 3800 RPM Wheelbase Not Avaliable
    Redline: Not Avaliable Steering: Not Avaliable
    Stroke: Not Avaliable Materials: Not Avaliable
    Bore: Not Avaliable Front Brakes: Not Avaliable
    Gear Type: 5-Speed Manual Front Brake Size Not Avaliable
    1st Gear Ratio: Not Avaliable Rear Brakes: Not Avaliable
    2nd Gear Ratio: Not Avaliable Rear Brake Size: Not Avaliable
    3rd Gear Ratio: Not Avaliable Front Wheels: Not Avaliable
    4th Gear Ratio: Not Avaliable Rear Wheels: Not Avaliable
    5th Gear Ratio: Not Avaliable Front Tires: Not Available
    6th Gear Ratio: Not Avaliable Rear Tires: Not Available
    7th Gear Ratio: Not Avaliable Front Suspension: Not Available
    Final Drive Ratio: Not Avaliable Rear Suspension: Not Available

    sry if theyre messed up, i copied and pasted them


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