Bugatti Veyron VS R35 GTR P800

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  2. Holy shit the Veyron is a monster. Just walks away from those extremely fast cars.
  3. Like it or not, technically the Veyron is the ultimate road car among all the cars built in the past decade, being a comfortable and easy to drive GT car with that kind of performance.
  4. I really now think it is another McLaren F1 moment in car history. Even the technology that went into it and the problems they had to work out to make it also reliable were just insane.
  5. it's the motor industry's concord
  6. lol @ GTR driver wearing Adidas track stuff.

    Again, looks like real good and honest people
  7. Holy crap how fast is that Veyron..
  8. exactly, and people who usually brush it off as just a fat GT are usually technically ignorant about it.
  9. In term of technical achievement, McLaren F1 is still far greater for it's time compared with Veyron, being a lighter and far more efficient design with more luggage space and better ride quality, not to mention far more driver focused.

    IMO in term of technological/performance benchmark, McLaren F1 >> 959 >> Veyron >> F40.

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