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  1. 160kw, automatic and open diff? Good luck with that.
  2. It's called diesel shitlord
    **** for a bogan you are pretty dumb
  3. Lol who uses kw
  5. So? I've seen a friend manage it in a mk1 mx5 1.6 with an auto (and open diff, of course). A one-tyre-fire is better than nothing.
  7. fUckin shut up
  8. yeah, righto.
  9. i ≠ d
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    Did you not understand the slang? Okay, I'm sorry about that. It means he did a burnout with just one wheel.

    Since you mentioned an open differential I figured you'd be able to work it out but I'll explain it for you if you didn't get it first time around.

    The differential is open which, as you know, enables one wheel to remain completely still as the other turns. If the ground is wet, and with a lack of mechanical sympathy you can do a neutral bomb and manage a one-wheel burnout in something quite low powered - like an MX5 (actually it was a Eunos Roadster V-Spec, but you know).

    Try it yourself! I guarantee even you will be able to manage something this simple - it just takes a bit of lateral thinking, as oppposed to immediately assuming you know better than someone else as you are usually inclined to do.

    EDIT: not my friend's car, but same 1.6, open diff.
  11. I'm pretty sure that has a Renault V8, I'm somewhat of an expert
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  13. Burner can't spend much time replying to my posts because he's going to solarium, brb
  14. hes actually really busy doing renovations on his house
    did you know he owns a house in melbournes best suburb? melbourne house prices are crazy you have to spend a million dollars to even get a shitbox in this suburb
  15. Yeah a 5 bedroom 4 baths 1 solarium shit box

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