Buick GNX will Kill this !

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  1. V6 single turbo!

    0-60 5 flat(though car and driver claimed to run 4.7)
    1/4 mile (alot of different numbers...13.2, 13.32, 13.34, 13.7) etc it'll still Kill 300zx Twin Turbo!
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    You are a moron.The 300zx has also ran a 5 flat 0-60 with a 13.5 quarter mile time. If you have actually researched this car you would have found that out. Not to mention the Z was NOT MADE TO DRAG RACE it's a GT car...you know made to turn at high speeds. It doesn't look like a brick with wheels and you can actually find a 300zx for sale. The GNX is so rare that you will never find one for sale....sure you could find a GN which are a hell of a lot slower than a Z.

    Find a friend to pull your head out of your ass.
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    why does it say 6.5 seconds, MORON!!! AND WHY is the 1/4 mile time a lot slower also!!!!! MORON!!!! You are the Moron!!!, Moron! U need to do your research on the GNX! A lot better looking than the 300 zx and a way better sleeper! plus u can easily and affordably mod the GN to Kill a skyline!
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    Ummm as stated in many threads in this forum the stats are wrong. These stats match the NON TURBO 300zx. Most road tests had the Z 0-60 in 5 flat with a 1320 of 13.5-13.8.

    Skylines run 12's out of the factory where as the GNX runs 14's.

    Christ what an idiot.
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    Here please take advantage of this.

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    No skyline doesnt run 12s and Buick GNX DOES run low 13s..why does it say 13.7 for skyline? and might I ask , if its wrong, what did they mix it with?? Buull sh!t.... 280 Hp with 4wd is only gonna do 13.7 smartAs$ what do u think its a ferrari?! Its not thats big of a car! It might be one of japans best, but to me it sucks and also I ill still take Buick GNX over any skyline, plus 300zx isnt a big deal either!
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    Skylines do run 12's out of the factory why don't you do some actual research instead of relying on supercars.net

    you are so damn ignorant kid. have you ever actually driven any of these cars? infact i wonder if you even have a license

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