Buick Max Trac and Cruise Master

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    Two other world firsts were introduced by Buick, those were the Max trac and the Cruise Master back in 1973. This is like traction control. But GM did offer ABS around this time. In 1971 and 1972 (discontinued due to low take rates), GM also offered "Trackmaster" rear-wheel-only electronic anti-lock brakes on Cadillacs and the Olds Toronado. Lincoln and Imperial offered something similar around the same time. I believe the Lincoln Continental Mark III was the first with it optional in 1970, and then standard in 1971.

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  2. Way cooler / classier than a modern SUV like Infiniti QX80.

    Back in early 70's Interstate system was taking shape after 2 decades of construction. Got to have a big comfortable cruiser with AC that turns cabin into arctic tundra in minutes.

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