buick with LT1

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  1. I'd get it for the steelies and engine alone. And probably the sound too.
  2. Didn't those all come with the LT1?
  3. Jaa.
  4. i didn't think they came with them, sorry for my GM n00bness
  5. only with the Limited trim IIRC
  6. No A/C (was removed for more horsepower)
  7. it has no AC, robs horsepower
  8. 95 & 96 B body GM's came standard with the LT1's
    95's used OBD1 electronics
    96 Used OBD2
  9. I heard around +-5%
  10. I heard around +-5%
  11. LS1>LT1
  12. This guy knows how to spin things...

    Corvette motor? I think all Roadmasters had a detuned version of the Corvette's motor (GM guys please confirm that).

    Shame he went to all that trouble to remove the A/C. He could have just used the 'off' switch on the dashboard for more horsepower.

    Well... since the A/C was removed entirely, this would be a Roadmaster Clubsport/Lightweight Special, right?
  13. It's the LT1 V8, which was used in a different tune in the Corvette.
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