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Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by 23inchrimzzzzzzz, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Combat T-98 built by Mercedes/Audi with a proper interior, like from a Maybach
  2. Valiant Charger -
    Dodge Viper V10, mechanicals
    carbon fibre body
    heavily upgraded and strengthened platform
    massive brakes
    modern suspension
    modern leather seats

    1987 Holden VL Calais -
    R34 GTR engine, drivetrain, awd
    heavily upgraded platform
    (already been done)

    1971 Holden HQ Monaro -
    VE platform/suspension/brakes
    Magnetic ride control
    VE Senator interior
    W427 drivetrain

    2009 Ford Mustang -
    FPV F6 310 drivetrain/engine.

    2009 Dodge Challenger, base model -
    carbon fibre body
    anything else to lighten it up alot, without totally stripping it
    Valiant 265 Hemi engine. (220kw version)
    6 speed manual

    2009 BMW M5 -
    drop in a great big dirty old school carburetted American big block.
    butterflies/throttles poking through the bonnet
    exhaust to match
    basic 6 speed stick. No fancy shit.

    GTHO Phase III replica body -
    all carbon fibre
    sitting on a V8 Supercar platform with drivetrain and mechanicals.

    Original Mini -
    13bt Rotary
  3. Mosler MT900GTR

    Photon Spec body
    Pagani designed interior
    Speed 12 with race spec cams and ECU
  4. Basically a CORR pro 4 truck that has a sealed interior and is street legal, o and more horsepower.
  5. actually, i think an MC12 with a Carrera GT engine with twin superchargers pumping out about ~850 horsepower would be sexy as hell. straight pipes a must
  6. +1000
  7. !$@#ing queer
  8. see i dont think it sounds nice
  9. farari pikup
    honda s2000 engine
    ferrari f40 suspension
    volse wagon betel price
    human bean driving
  10. farari pikup
    honda s2000 engine
    ferrari f40 suspension
    volse wagon betel price
    human bean driving
  11. E92 M3 with M5 V10
  12. 98 4 runner with 2jz
  13. a desmosediciRR with no emissions.
  14. I'd need a 67 Dart that was is documented as modified for a fuel other then gas before 1969 with at least 10 liters of modern aluminum Hemi. It would be nice to have an emissions exempt ride just in case they start testing here.
  15. LeBlanc Mirabeau with optional F1 engine (in the style of the 333 SP).
  16. Lamborghini Gallardo lp560 chasis and body, porsche CGT V10 engine, supercharged, air-water intercooler making 800hp, 650lb ft., Veyron's dct gearbox, with a 4wheel lifting suspension and adjustable ride, 3 active differentials from a wrc car, wider wheels and Michellin PSC tires. Painted in Grigio Telesto.

    Second car is a Reventon with the tube chasis done in titanium, twin turbo charged to 1100 hp.

  17. hi DrVertigo, the superleggera wheels are Skorpius
  18. my love for the mirabeau is endless, but the F1 engine in it is just overkill, with the base engine it can make over 800 horsepower, and its already lighter than an elise. at that point you will just have an F1 car, and that would be such a pain in the ass. ill take it with the Swedish engine, the extra weight ensure that i will at least have SOME traction under 100mph
  19. Cheers!
  20. Lol good point. It´s a fantasy. In reality, it would be nice not to have to ask a team of 20 mechanics to pump hot fluids through the engine in order to start it.

    There really isn´t much that can be done to imporve the Mirabeau.
  21. oh yeah, I want some old Aussie/American muscle car with a modern Ferrari engine, or something of the like. High revving Euro V8/V10/V12.
  22. C6 Z06 with GT-R drivetrain.
  23. Hmmm... how about an old Rambler Wagon with a mid mounted Ferrari V8 and suspension all the way around?
  24. how about an all wheel drive mr2 with 2 engines,a nissian GT-R v-6 in the rear and a reliable weineck 780 in the front with a 6-speed manual and racing suspension
  25. generic insane power engine in super lightweight car.

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