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    You right !

    The movie uses a regular GT....<!-- Signature -->
  2. Tell me please, what is the diference (in visual apearance) from the regular GT? I can't tell. It looks the same to me
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    The exterior has no rear spoiler, aluminium gas filler door, 1969 mags wheels look alike, red caliper with a white pony painted on them.
    Only colors: green, black or blue.
    The interior looks like a 1969 GT-390 with leather seats, aluminium shifter and pedals, 1969 instrument cluster.
    The engine the same as the GT with more horsepower, different exhaust to make it sound like a 1969 GT-390.
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    huh. Interesting. too bad its not a little more powerful. I think that would be a lot better.
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    You right, I think the Bullit should be a COBRA comemorative version.

    But they decide ti make just a regular green GT...

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    It's a GT because it's from the movie: Bullitt, with Steve McQueen in it, this (older model of stang) was what he drove thats why it isn't a cobra.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Lido Iacocca</i>
    <b>You right !

    The movie uses a regular GT....</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    It's a GT-390 K-code by the way.<!-- Signature -->
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    hey v8 you sure know your shit man
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    This car is quite a bit different from the GT. As for the exterior. Dark HighLand Green, no wing, no side scoops, bullit fuel door, 13" brembro brakes, sub frame conectors, no fog lights and the back quarter panel is a tiney bit different in shape.

    And all of you are thinking i forgot to mention the Tourqe thrust d rims. Nope, these rims are also available on a premium package GT.

    this car from Ford rated at 265hp. Wich is seriously underrated. If you have ever been to the track you'll see thesecars pull off a 13.5-13.7. So these cars should more have around the 285hp range.
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    You forgot to mention that it has a twin 57mm TB<!-- Signature -->

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