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Discussion in '1937 Mercedes-Benz W25 Avus Stromlinie' started by Dr Porsche, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I dont really think a car this old could go that fast. But if its true DAMN. PORSCHE FO LIFE
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    mercedes has been around alot longer than you! For you to say this is insulting to not only my great granfather who built these cars but to the abilities of man kind's intelligence it's self! If you are as stupid as you sound I would cut out my vocal cords and burn them because you dont obviously know what you are talking about. It seems that not only are you un-intelligable but incompitant as well. This car is the first car to break the 200 M.P.H. burrier and it will be one of the buiggest racing sucess stories in all of history. It's sexy and sleak and could kick wour ass in any aspect you incompitant bastard.
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    Jesus christ whiplash dont have a heart attack. If this car really could go that fast back then then why dont we have normal people cars doing 500+ MPH, I mean all they had to do is pass on the technology and boom we got 500mph kia's.
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    Real funny, man- "BURRIER" ! BWAHAHAHA! (joke)
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    You're real funny too. Better have a private airplane than to drive a car to 500mph.. Anybody would pee at just 300, let alone 500. And for a Kia? You mean like Ferraris will go 800mph..
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    This car's top speed is likely just over 200 mph. Time charts do not lie.
  7. this is how fast it goes and jesus whiplash control man
  8. God awesome machine. I understand why some american b*stards might think this is impossible to reach 200mph. Cause for them the logo "no replacement for displacement" is FTW... Don't forget those engines didn't run on petrol, they were fueled by amazing (and poisonous) mixtures of ethanol, benzine, etc.
    Another thing no one seems to be counting is that, besides the ultra-lowdrag body and massively skinny tires (which reduce consideravelly overall drag), the reasons why nowaday cars don't reach 500mph or whatever are drag (you surelly need downforce and sticky tires so you don't shoot yourself off the road in the tiniest bend...) and safety regulations (which in the 1930's were, wel... none!).

    You can't imagine how I respect the drivers/pilots on those days...

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