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  1. Hardly a bullitt with this kind of power. Kinda sad representing the movie with this slow tub of shit. Ok i bet its fast but not fast enough to bare the name. This thing should be bigger than the new SVT cobra like 400hp thats more like it for a collector car.
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    This thing, I beleive had 320 HP it was the precursor to the new
    Mach 1. The line goes LX-GT-Mach 1 (or in 01' the Bullit)- SVT Cobra.
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    sorry but i don't think so.
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    The origanal Bullit was just a stock green Gt fastback witch is slower than a Cobra Jet so why should the Bullit be any faster than a stock Cobra of its time?? at least it is a little faster than a stock GT besides how fast can you go on the streets anyway legaly? A Geo metro will go the Speed limit. lol
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    who cares about being legal
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    Stupid fool!
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    actually the actual bullitt car was a '69 cobra jet so it was pretty quick, and besides you could tack on a good 150 hp with about 1000 bucks so this car was built for the man who could understand cars enough to make it the way he likes it!
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    children dont seam to realise that.
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    ya they shoulda made it better. if all of the mustangs are gonna look about the same they should have way different performance. the mustang gt has 260 hp and this has 270. a barely noticable gap
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    nope, wrong. The MACH 1 is a 4 valve, with some tuning to up it by 10 horses over the standard GT.
  11. My brother's friend has one of these, pretty cool, even if it isn't super impressive to you-all, I think it's kick-ass.

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