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    Never mind, I found out who said that.

    Anyway, I also saw someone discreditting a Ferrari V8 engine because "you can find a V8 in a Jeep Cherokee, therefore it is not comparable to lambo V12. Lambos are better that Ferraris."

    Well, the corvette uses a V8, so does it suck?
    A NSX uses a V6, and you can find that in a Chevy Malibu, so does it suck?
    A Lotus Esprit (early model) used a inline 4 and could out-accelerate some Ferraris(V8) and Porsches(F6), but you can find an l-4 in virtually any bread and butter transporter. So does a Lotus Esprit suck?

    If anyone is reading this, I strongly urge you to not talk like this. Next time I check the forums for an interesting thread, I don't want to see this kind of cr*p. It defeats the whole purpose of an interesting thread.

    I wish some people knew what they were talking about.
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    your right, but i honestly dont think anyone will listen
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  3. I have been watching these conversations about the murcielago for quite a while now and I would like to share a few thoughts:

    1) People bullsh*t too much. Recently in a thread, I heard someone say "the F50 will get #$%#ed really hard by the Murcielago!!!!! Plus the Lambo is heavier which makes it more stable on corners, the F50 would fly off at high speeds, so everybody who is talking bullsh*t, please stop and think before you speak!" I would really like to smack whoever said this. An f50 is light, thus it's agile to handle and the huge wing generates downforce so it does not "fly off at high speeds." The murcielago's downforce is actually its heavy "road-hugging" weight. This guy used the statement to back up his idea that the murcielago handled far better than a f50 on corners. If this was true, then his reasoning is full of cr*p.

    2) Too much bias: Everyday on either lambo or ferrari forums, there always has to be an anti-ferrari or anti-lamborghini group in the same thread. I think it's okay for one to dislike one marque, but it's stupid to say "(marque) sucks *ss and (this marque) will f*ck it up."
    Please, there is no need for that.

    I posted this to limit too much conflict on future threads. I also did it b/c I was wonder if someone knew who said that bullsh*t I showed above. If anyone knows, please tell me, b/c I really want to talk to that dumbf*ck.

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