BumbleeBee Autobot Camaro now on sale

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    The Transformers movies have been one of the major co-branding successes of recent years, and General Motors is using it for all it's worth, today releasing a new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro TRANSFORMERS Special Edition.

    Exclusively an appearance package, the TRANSFORMERS kit can be had on both the LT and SS models. It focuses on a black stripes on yellow layout - like the Bumblebee Camaro from the movies - and also includes an AUTOBOT shield on both door panels, the wheel caps and embroidered into the center console. Transformers logos on the side sill plates and embedded into the black rally stripes complete the look.

    Orders for the car are now open, with the appearance package priced at $995. The RS appearance package can also be added to the TRANSFORMERS car for even more visual accent.

    Read up on the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro - including our review of the SS - if you're not already familiar with its many trims and options, or check out some of the Transformers-GM tie-ups from the past year.
  2. That's going to look #$%#ing goofy.
  3. Didn't see this coming....
  4. Kinda surprised they don't offer the Z28 body kit for this since the Z28 isn't going to happen
  7. And what would that look like?
  8. just like the bumblebee from transformers. badass.
  9. fully nuts. do want the wheels.
  10. But will it transform?
  11. If it does, it'll cost you 3x more <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  12. Too much for a autobot with panel gaps and a plastic interior.
  13. I want but with no stupid autobots badging all over the place
  15. Ugly IMO.
  16. ugh, that doesnt even look like the bumblebee in the #$%#ing movie. Not to mention the retarded transformers badging will just label you a total tool for everyone to see. Its like waving a huge banner that says "I still live with my mom"
  17. hahahah true
  18. It will transform into a pile of non-working auto parts. Like all GM cars.
  19. No, it won't look like that.
  20. It will break apart.

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