Burning San Andreas

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by supercarfreak123, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. Guys, i dont think this can be done, but is there a way to burn San Andreas to make another copy?

    I think there is a way, but its complicated. If so, how do you do it.

    Thanks for the help Guys!
  2. you set it on fire. use a blow torch.
  3. gee, thanks
  4. It's a DVD you fool. So you'll need a DVD burner.
  5. burn it onto a blank dvd right?
  6. no on the matrix, it doesnt work any other way.
  7. there are patches and programs that will burn a game properly to a new disc. im too lazy to go find them for you.
  8. Typically you need a mod chip in order to play it. In the days of the PS1 you could boot with a regular game (to get past the Sony logo screen) then pop the top and replace the CD. It doesn't work with the PS2 because of the drawer so you need a mod chip.
  9. You also need a blank double layer dvd, not a regular dvd.
  10. a) wtf is a double layer
    b) i have heard of a mod chip, but where can i get one and how much $
  11. you had to remember to stick some blu-tac over the button thing inside so that when you opened the top to replace the disk...otherwise it would just turn off...
  12. just buy the game
  13. Double/dual layer just adjusts laser strength to burn on the same side of the disc, just deeper. This increases storage to over 10GB, and is what most commercial DVDs are.
    If you don't have a dual layer DVD +/- R, a modchip, and dual layer discs, it's far cheaper to just go out and buy the game.
  14. dude this will REALLY help u i thnk ist ur only choice
    seriously the game is worth the money
  15. if you plan on sticking around/surviving on this website, i dont suggest caps.
  16. Get a mod chip for $50.. buy blank DVDs and download/burn your games. If that sounds like too much work (it's not), use ebay for cheap games.

    I already have it and I play it on my friends PS2.. I don't feel like taking the risk/paying for a mod chip
  17. He needs a 8 layer Blue Ray DVD disc and Burner, to fit 200gig to 1000gig on it, to bad.
    Plus a heap of other games.

    Anybody know a PS2 Emulator i can get, SA would be sweet on pc.
  18. The PS2 doesn't use a Blue Ray DvD you idiot.

    Seriously why are all of you Australians so damn dumb?

  19. either way, he seems to be the worst.
  20. there are no PS2 emulators for PC because even if they would be able to program one, the pc wouldn't be able to handle it
  21. obviously he is the idiot.
  22. I still think the blow torch might work best.
  23. if you donwload it from the web its comes in DVD5 so it could fit on one DVDR then simple use a dvd burner doesnt have to be dual layer just regular one and you some program to burn it and get mod chip and thats it...
  24. You're the ring leader in the retarded Australian organization.

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