Businessman spends £100,000 on alcohol at club

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  1. Now that's a hangover!

    A high-rolling businessman woke up with a bar receipt for £105,805 in his wallet after he treated a group of friends to a lavish night out at one of London's most expensive nightclubs, it was claimed yesterday.

    Over the course of seven hours at London's Crystal nightclub, the Middle Eastern banker is alleged to have splashed out on numerous super-sized bottles of champagne and vodka.

    It total he is said to have bought an astonishing 102 bottles-worth of champagne and 11 bottles-worth of vodka.

    Included in the liver-busting round was a Methuselah of champagne (equivalent in size to eight normal-sized bottles) costing £30,000 and a single super-sized bottle of vodka costing £1,400.

    But at least the party didn't go too over the top: they also ordered six cans of Coca Cola and some Red Bull as a mixer.

    Crystal is no stranger to high-living.

    The nightclub was launched last year with the help of Prince Harry's friend Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe and notorious party-girls Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Victoria Hervey.

    And in recent months it has played host to the likes of Kate Moss, Pete Docherty and rapper P Diddy.

    However, staff at the Marylebone basement club said they have never seen a bar bill as large as this.

    The businessman, who is believed to be based in the oil-rich Gulf state of Dubai, arrived at the club last Saturday with a group of around 15 male and female friends.

    The group started by ordering one of the more modest drinks on the menu - a bottle of Pinot Grigio costing £25.

    But the party-organiser obviously decided that was no where near enough, reportedly telling bar staff: "I want the drinks to be flowing all night".

    According to a copy of the group's bill, over the course of the evening the group drank:

    - One Methuselah (equivalent in size to eight normal-size bottles) of Cristal champagne costing £30,000

    - 28 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne costing £17,300

    - 40 bottles of Cristal champagne costing £15,360

    - Two Jeroboams (equivalent in size to four normal bottles) of Cristal champagne costing £9,600

    - Nine Magnums (twice the size of a normal bottle) of Dom Perignon champagne costing £6,900

    - A Methuselah of Belvedere vodka costing £1,400

    - A Magnum of Grey Goose vodka costing £380

    - A bottle of Absolut vodka costing £220

    - Six cans of Coke and 17 Red Bulls costing £94.50

    - Eight bottles of still water costing £52

    - A bottle of Pinot Grigio white wine costing £25

    Unsurprisingly, as more and more bottles of alcohol appeared, the original group of 16 were joined by many more people, until a 'full-blown party' was taking place in the club's VIP area.

    It was nearly 5am on Sunday when the businessman finally called it a day and stumbled out of the club. Total cost of the evening, including service charge: £105,805.28.

    It's not known if he left a tip.

    In before...

  2. Six cans of Coke and 17 Red Bulls costing �94.50
  3. that's what trendy people do.
  4. dont you just love arabs
  5. The rich ones know how to live it up.
  6. - Six cans of Coke and 17 Red Bulls costing �94.50

    - Eight bottles of still water costing �52

  7. 8 bottles of cristal for £30k, and 40 bottles of cristal for £15k?

    That makes no sense
  8. different BALLIN! status, and cris makes more than just one wine.
  9. You can't afford to poor out cans of Milwaukee's Best.
  10. no, i cant. Im too pour.
  11. I didn't know P996T was an Arab businessman.
  12. Well he's an arab, but i don't think he knows much about business
  13. 18 quid for a six pack of Cokes. lawl.
  14. really ?

    where is he from?
  15. He's like half Iranian
  16. Iranians are not arabs bro
  17. Well he smells like horse shit and bananas
  18. sweeet i got that perfume on sale two days ago

    but yeah Iranians are not arabs
  20. I used to wait tables for a local country club. Our computer system was ancient and would often do weird shit for no reason or just break down completely when it got busy. Anyway, at the end of a long shift, I dropped off a bill for a steak and a white russian to a customer without reviewing the printed bill first. About five minutes later, I come back and the guy is laughing so hard he's crying. The computer hadn't just charged him for his steak and caucasian, but every one that had ever been entered into it since the system started in the early 90's. I had given him a bill for TWO AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS.
  21. useless without pics.
  22. he is a good friend indeed. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

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