Butt ugly

Discussion in '1969 Nissan Skyline 2000GTR' started by GT40 2, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. yuck!<!-- Signature -->
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    hey man look at the year<!-- Signature -->
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    yeh mate, be more careful next time
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    your an idiot this was considered beautiful back then ofcourse it doesnt go with the trend now dont be a jac.kass
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    It's from 1969.
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    OMG! why does everyone thing that because its 1969, it supposed to look ugly! Look at all the American cars of 1969! SO beautiful!! thats why its Yuck u fools

    George Washington never drove a Ford and Now He's Dead!
  7. I love it, and plus its a legal skyline (no legalization crap)
  8. Yeah it is yuck. The side mirrors would be horrible for someone with anything less then 20/20 vision, and they'd be hard to see in any weather conditions other then sunny. It's got a ugly rear end and front, and it's engine is just plain shit. Considering the American V6 at that time, which was rare as there were no demand for fuel economy, had more power. Although it is history it is a pathetic car, I am wondering how Skyline made it to the 80s. There was a reason every show on TV had an American car and not an import cause that was the height of their fame in the car industry.

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