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Discussion in '2001 Jaguar XJR' started by colinda, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. buy one instant classic
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    My favourite 4 door sedan.<!-- Signature -->
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    no such thing as a non classic jag<!-- Signature -->
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    i prefer the M5
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    i'd drive the XJR to prove my wealth, but i'd drive the M5 on the mountain curves...sooooo sweet! except, i have no money to buy neither cars...want to loan me some??? ;P
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    can't wait for the new one for 2003
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    03/04 XJR is by far superior in technology, tuning and performance than even the M5. and its a lot bigger, and longer!
    I believe that car is back.
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    I saw a 96 with decently low milage on auto trader for like 14 grand... I want.

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