Buying a camera, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bronxgurl, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Buying a camara, any suggestions?

    I'm looking at the Canon PowerShot A1000 IS right now. Anything better/similar for around the same price ($140)?
  2. One thing I've found since upgraded from my Powershot is that the relative bulkiness is an impediment from me taking more pictures. I don't know if you've ever tried a skinnier camera.
  3. your choice is good.
  4. how much is the Ixus 70? pocketsized.
  5. Which model did you have? What do you have now?

    Right now I have a Kodak V530 that is 2.5 years old now. It's small, but I'm willing to sacrifice size for something that uses AA batteries and takes consistently better pictures. I was considering the A590 IS but decided to spend a little more and get something newer.
  6. I've been thinking about picking up an Elph as my Rebel XT is often too bulky and sits out in social situations
  7. Try rocking one with a 17-40L and external flash. Awkward.
  8. Canon anything will be fantastic.
  9. noise noise noise noise noise noise
  10. canon SD series. they are super good P&S cameras
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    all I hear is canon but Panasonic has been dominating in all recent pocket camera reviews.



    Ultra compact:

    Budget compact:

    Oh and for the record, I suggest the Panasonic TZ series, which tied for runner up in the prosumer cameras, losing to the Panasonic LX3.
    However the TZ series has a 10x zoom in a pocket camera form! and you can get a TZ4 for under 200 dollars, and its essentially the exact same camera as the TZ5
  12. I like lots of noise and being a #%$got fanboy so buy nikon regardless
  13. You can't go wrong w/ Canon.
  14. Have you considered fil...Canon and Panasonic are safe bets these days. dpreview is good for research.
  15. I really want a Sony Cybershot T-77 in brown. Mostly because of the way it looks. Is it any good at all?
  16. Nearly all the point and shoots are pretty similar in quality. They generally suck and offer little to no improvement over some 5 year old 3mp camera. There are a few expensive ones that are slightly better but they are usually bulkier because of better lenses.
  17. "they generally suck" is pretty general... and i'm having a hard time not taking it as you just being a troll.
  18. you can't go wrong with a canon p&s
  19. I don't think they look very good. Casios look better
  20. did you just mention casio? are you out of your mind?
  21. They look good
  22. everything casio produces is utter crap.
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  24. not really though

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