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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Dahlis, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Yes im planning to trade the Volvo barge in to a small car. Im thinking S40 size. The main reason is fuel economy.

    My thoughts so far:
    Volvo S40
    Opel Vectra
    SAAB 900/9-3

    Any other sensible suggestions?
  2. Insurence would ruin me
  3. Alfa 159?
    Otherwise i'd recommend a rx8 of some wort, but that shit is EEEEEEXXXXPEEENSSSIVe in scan :9
  4. I have been seriously thinking about a 156, but once again insurence companies are quite nazi about anything thats a bit special.
  5. Vectra? Is this thread a joke?
  6. Vitz/Yaris?
  7. Lol @ suggesting anything other than the finest Europe has to offer to Dahlis.
  8. VW Bora/Jetta/whatever, or a Passat.
  9. Golf is a good option. Im not a hatchback fan though.
  10. Im not a fan of the looks of the bora. Passat is an option though.
  11. V40 sucks, i know because i have one
    go alfa/fiat
  12. Fiat does not make that type of car.
  13. A previous gen Audi A8 4,0 TDI? I don't know about the tax system in Sweden these days or the insurance prices. But if these are not major issues, I suggest you buy one from Germany.
  14. Oops, forgot it had to be smaller. Well, in case you change your mind...
  15. no Opel
  16. Would going to something S40-size really save you that much money? I feel like you'd be better off getting a Golf or other hatch and learning to like them.
  17. I just downsized, my new car is almost half as long as the old one haha
  18. Lancia Integrale HF or bust
  19. They have the Linea.
  20. definately not opel
  21. I hate Opel

    Alfa or VW would be my preferred market. You're buying new or 2nd hand?
  22. 2nd hand. Alfa will not be possible because of the expensive insurence on those. And VW only has the passat.

    Skoda Octavia is an option though

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