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  1. talk about the pothead calling the kjetil black
  2. Had a look at the Macbook air 11" today, pretty good. Light and easy to use. I might end up getting it unless there is a better option
  3. what are you going to be using it for when you are traveling ...

    I would say save some money and get yourself the better battery time of the ipad if its just going to be a travel utility ...
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    Mainly for reading pdfs, music and movies. Using it in airport lounges and hotels.

    I should have mentioned this but omitted it, but another reason for the MBA over the iPad is this program: Papers.
    It will benefit me with my postgrad studies and all my colleagues have it and can basically copy over their journal database which includes a bulk of what I have to read over the next couple of years.. not to mention the usability. I'm thinking when I have to write up seminars and whatnot, then having a functioning keyboard will also be of use.

    Is the battery time on the iPad *that* much better?
  5. can you export from "papers" to pdf , if so you can organize them all in ibooks ... it sounds like the ipad is better suited for what you are going to use it for ... and it does have a much better battery life in my experience ..
  6. please ell us more about your horrible purchase decisions
  7. well before that i had an HP Tx2590 that also made trouble. then i broke the screen so i sent it in for repair. they took so long that they gave me a choice of new computers. i chose the tx2690 thinking i coulnd't get another lemon
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    I ended up getting a Macbook Air, 11" 128Gb. It's alright, light and quick and will take me some time to get used to.

    Any suggestions for a case? The shop didn't have any in stock. This Acme one seems alright, the absence of a zipper is also a good thing...
  9. why pay all that money for apple superior design if you are going to cover it up ...

    just use it , if it gets dinged and scratched it will just add to the character. with the life cycle of a laptop you will probably replace it before you wear it out ...
  10. my laptop is 7 years old and still going strong.
  11. If you hurry you could get an HP touchpad, no future software updates but i have seem them for as low as $80 in the US.
  12. yeah I have a mac book about 5 years old that I still use on a daily basis. still holding up aside from my little girl having ripped off the caps lock button.
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    they have a ios version

    and you can get a keyboard for the ipad ...

    too late for this advice I suppose
  14. mine i just terribly terribly slow lol. 1.4ghz and like 256 mbram or something. works ok for internet though.

    and oh yeah it once blew a fuse or something. smoke came out, thought it was a goner, but still works without a flaw lol
  15. you must have agressed it?
  16. I bought an Asus Transformer. I like it. I don't need it. It's fun. I like playing angry birds on a bigger screen.
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  18. I paid $690 for 32GB with keyboard dock <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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  20. It's good! I can TV shows over my wifi and junk, it plays sudoku pretty good. I'm happy with it.

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