buying an R8

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by LamBoy, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. and rocket technology? that shit is like thousands of years old and made in CHINA
  2. Kind of like the SLS more than the R8.
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    yeah......R8 is pretty much the ideal mix of daily drivable super car....looks awesome, but not too gaudy.....excellent performance, but still reliable and livable.......even if you get the V8, with the money you save vs the V10, you could do a turbo or supercharger kit:
  4. GT-R is as cool as my washing machine (not very)
  5. Does your washing machine have the VDC traction control system that can launch it to 60 in 3.3 seconds? It might, but probably not. So stfu.
  6. ABT R8 Spyder ?!
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  8. You the same guy that purchased a Diablo, and I heckled you to get the R8 instead?
  9. why you spell it like that man?
  10. Camaro owners can't spell?
  11. There's R8s all over where I live. it's crazy. i've seen at least 3 spiders and a dozen or so coupes
  12. Just make sure that the body panel on each side of the car has another (darker) colour than the rest of the car.
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    for who didnt got it:
    i'm not getting this car, never, i'm making fun of someone who made tons of threads about buying bmw m3s (asking advice on colors like he really was getting one) corvette c6s, golf gtis (3 doors because 5 doors wouldnt handle good enough since hes also a professional racer and 0.0001 seconds per lap may do the difference and also fuel economy!)

    also this is his new thread:

    lol, something tells me that he wont get it.
    bets are accepted
  14. Would get dark blue with black black, black rims. *homer simpson drool*
  15. I suggest Autoart
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    Lolwut, it's Rabbit?? LOL
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    this charcoal gray theme looks a little better IMO:

  18. there's only 1 that drives around here but its a white v10 coupe and its #$%#ing HOT
  19. ugh, shit thread
  21. what you doing here then? bar failed?
  22. looking at your stupid threads, obviously
  23. why is no one posting pix
  24. for the same reason you aren't?

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