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  2. euhuehgeugue OLD
  3. It wasn't that good. For the thread title, and the star-rating of the video, I was seriously hoping to see someone get their ass whooped.

    That was pretty weak, honestly.
  4. u murricans are too pussy to punch and beat the crap out of them :p
  5. thats what they want.

    the best thing to do is just ignore them. then they have no power over anyone.
  6. or just make them shut up, german efficiency ;-)
  7. Yeah too bad it wasn't in France or something. They would have flipped the van over and set on fire in a few seconds.
  8. who the #$%# is westboro???
  9. a pedophile..
  10. yeah seriously. we have a shower room here in germany they can use...oh, that was bad...
  11. As soon as I get my hands on some explosives, I'm having a trip down the street to chat with those FAGGOTS.
  12. man, stay 1500 meters away, and hit them with mini-artillery
  13. Hell no. Man I'm putting my twanger in there lol.
  14. far left. man, look how big that twanger is.
  15. Ok, do #$%#ing want. Phred=dead.
  16. These people are the most disgusting examples of exploitation in the legal system. Thankfully they look like they're about to get crushed by a 10 million dollar lawsuit.
  17. haha, holy moly
  18. oh religion

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