bye bye veyron in 2003

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    First off weather a car has a V8, V10 or V12 doesn't mean it can go faster. A supercharged V12 isn't neccisarily better than a supercharged V8. Secondly The Veyron will not have 1001Bhp it'll have 1001PS (PS is the German and Japanese measurments) which is 987Bhp. It WILL be restricted by a chip to around 700Bhp for everyday use, but you can de-restrict it if you want to, you just need to ask Bugatti to do it for you.
    Bugatti were thionking about doing a 800Bhp NA version but it was always in the shadows cos of this and not much interest was shown. Also Koenigsegg won't do another car for a while, it's a brand new company and this is it's first car model. Alot of people who talk about the performance forget about the Bugatti 7 speed gearbox. The CC8S has 6. The Bugatti can out accelerate the CC8S all the way if the estimates are even close so lenthening the ratio's slightly to get an extra 5Mph isn't a problem.
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    Yep, and that was in the rain.
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    I made a thread for this.
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    The Veyron makes 1001 hp on the european scale, in American terms that's 987 horsepower and 922 lb-ft of torque. and the Koenigsegg couldn't touch this.
    Koenigsegg CC Bugatti Veyron
    o-60: 3.2-3.5 2.9
    All out: 242 mph 252 mph
    0-186 mph (300 kph) ??? less than 14 seconds

    Veyron Wins
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    What type of gearbow does the Koenigsegg use. I know it is a transaxle gear box but I have no idea what that means. Is it a clutchless manual? Or is it just a way of removing the gate style shift of the Ferraris and Lambos?
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    It will though, it will...
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    2002-11-14High-speed tests.

    sunday the 10th of November 2002 Koenigsegg conducted the first high-speed tests at the Nardo/Prototipo high-speed track.

    The tests were kept unofficial in spite of the high media interest due to the risks involved. Koenigsegg rented the 12km long track exclusively with a medical team for a few ours in order to set the car up for future speed records.

    Test driver Mr. Loris Bicocchi conducted the first shakedowns of the car and he was very satisfied with the preliminary results.

    Unfortunately it started to rain one hour into the tests. However, before a too heavy rainfall, Mr. Bicocchi managed to drive 365 km/h according to company measurements, which was not pushing the car to full speed - only a shake down run!

    High-speed tests. Koenigsegg now feels more confident than ever that the car will be able to reach the acclaimed top speed.

    Christian von Koenigsegg:

    -This day was a very important milestone for the CC. It has shown us what it really can do and that it truly is a Supercar. The car performed very well at these high-speeds and was able to maintain cool in oils and water over a long period. We will keep on pushing the borders and within short we feel confident that we officially will be the fastest production car in the world.
    At the same day edonis drow 359 km/h before i started to rain
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    I made a whole thread for this!
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    Get real guys... You can't compare a V8 supercharged and a 1001 hp V16 (or W16 wAtEva LoL) Buggati Veyron... These cars are two different things. They don't belong to the same "class"...

    Think about that.
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    Yep these two are in a different class, but what the forums saying is that a newer more powerful CC8S would'nt be even if it had a V8 that don't matter is power, weight, type of car, and drivetrain that usually set cars apart.
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    You're mostly right. The "W" has nothing to do with any of the letters in any company's name but with the configuration of the cylinder banks.

    Still, it isn't technically proper to call the Veyron (or Phaeton) engine a "W". It is a "VV" engine.

    A "W" engine has three banks of cylinders on a common crankshaft as some of the Bugatti prototypes and the Audi Avus prototype had. A W-12 should have three banks of four cylinders (picture a V-8 with an extra row of cylinders in the middle) and Bugatti also tyoed with a W-18 for a while that had three rows of six cylinders (A V-12 with an extra row).

    I believe they finally dispensed with the design because of the trouble getting the engine to run smoothly and rev decently without shaking itself to pieces. Imagine the firing order of a W-18!

    They replaced the design with the idea of a VV engine which uses four cylinder banks instead of three - though still on a common-crankshaft. VW already uses the 12-cylinder variant in their Phaeton car (among others) and Bentley uses the same engine (heavily modofied and turbosharged) in their Continental GT.

    The 12-cylinder variant has four rows of three cylinders (two narrow V-6 engines with a common crankshaft) where they 16-cylinder version has four rows of four cylinders. I suppose, in theory at least, they could just as easily go to 24 cylinders with the design. ;->

    Still, the 16-cylinders is enough to make 1,000PS (987hp) so I think that's where they'll stop for now...
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    But do you know how they say vee w in germany, doplevee, doublevee is the direct translation. I think I spelt it right.
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    Haha, can you imagine a W24! That would mean that the two extra cylinder banks on the W16 would be almost horizontally opposed!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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