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  1. Lawsuit Closes Cunningham

    Cunningham Motor Co., the would-be developer of a $250,000 sports car, has shut down after being hit by a lawsuit from one of its co-founders, Reuters reported, citing the company's chief executive.

    Last month, Cunningham stopped further development on its C-7 coupe after Briggs Cunningham Jr. sued his co-founders, management and other shareholders, alleging that he was forced out of the company, the story said.

    "We are shutting it down," Chief Executive Officer John McCormack told Reuters in an interview. "The lawsuit was timed to interfere with our money raise, and that's what it did."

    Briggs Cunningham and Bob Lutz, now a vice chairman of GM, co-founded Cunningham Motor in 2000. GM invested $2 million in the company.

    It was unclear from the story whether Cunningham — which planned to introduce the C-7 Grand Touring coupe, a V-12 powered, all-wheel car priced at about $250,000, in about two years — was permanently out of business or if it could weather its current problems
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    waah waah waah waah waah!! see with one stroke of a pen he brought down a great car company that could have had alot of potential in today's automotive market...thanks, Cunningham, Jr. for wrecking your namesake company, and depriving us car nuts of some great cars, and some wonderful engineering and design.....dweeb. could they possibly resurrect, or is it no good now?
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    my guess is that the c7 is gone for good
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    Same here. Too bad, but I guess Caddy is returning to their old rep. SO we have great cars from them coming.
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    like what?
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    I love the looks of this car. it has lots of hp and good for baeatin them jap cars(P.O.S jap cars).
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    great car
    thanx for the info and thanx a lot to mr cunningham jr. you ruined wat would be a good car company

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