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Discussion in '2001 Plymouth Prowler' started by AnthonyA9, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I don't think anyone will miss it
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    I wont miss it<!-- Signature -->
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    i thought it was a pretty cool car. everybody always made fun of it because of it's specs and how ____ would beat this in a race. well the car was never really made for racing.<!-- Signature -->
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    what in holy shit were the engineers smoking when they designed this car!?
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    good riddance to this, its auto tranny and it's underpowerd engine
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    look how much it weighs! 250 hp is a lot for this.
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    and there is a stick option for this car ass
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    This car obviously appealed to some segment of the market...hmmm...I wonder what segment that was?
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    C u
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    What do you think of the GM 454
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    whoever came up with the stupid idea of releasing this should be shot.who in their right mind would buy a car that looked this flashy but performed like a yugo. almost as bad puting a viper body on a K car.

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