C&D Supra article

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  1. got it from another forum...
  2. Celica from a nuclear power plant meltdown... ugh.
  3. I should hope not. The grill looks like it came off a hair dryer and the rear is 10 storys tall.
  4. why would it have rear air scoops with a front engine car.
  5. The radiators are in the rear fenders.
  6. what's the point of that? ive never heard of a car having that.
  7. It has a front mid mounted V10 (behind the front axle), they had to do some creative packaging to keep the car's shape the way they wanted it.

    Anyway, I hope the actual car doesn't look like that concept rendering, it's pretty offensive to the eyes from the front.
  8. well lets hope it doesnt end up looking like that
  9. Enzo meets Murcielago that meets F430 that meets Celica? I'd hit it.
  10. Why not? I've seen mid-engine cars with rear mounted radiators...
  11. I heard 300 hp 6 cylinder.
  12. i get the whole bit about the engine being behind the front axle i just dont see why they couldnt put the rad infront of the front axle. maybe at a forward angle to reduce hight.it just seems like a lot of work, having the coolant ducting all the way to the back of the car.
  13. its really not a lot of work and it allows A LOT of flexibility as far as space management goes in the engine bay. V10's are 5 cylinders long(like an inline 5) and so need a decent bit of space. when trying to mount the engine as far back as possible and trying to keep the nose down for aerodynamic purposes you start having difficulties with fitting the radiators where they get ample air for cooling such a high hp high revv engine.

    keep in mind that the long piping of the radiators will actually aid in cooling, since it would offer a lot more cooling surface AND volume capacity. with that said, the rear rad mount would also give the car a greater rear weight bias. twin radiators with fluids would weigh a good 50lbs so in a circa 3000lbs car like this that would equate to 1.67% more bias towards the rear, not an insignificant figure(thatd be the diff between 51.7/48.3 to 50/50).
  14. never thought about the weight thing. any other cars use that system?
  15. Not pretty, but a lot better than their boring looking vehicles.
  16. It's horrendous
    it's worse than Nissan and Subaru's concepts put together
  17. If they keep that rear they will sell like three of them a year.
  18. really like it.. has some toyota gt1 front
  19. just as i feared, its ugly simple as that, i don't care how much power it may have or how much better, it just looks space ship like, you know too futuristic....
  20. Its a nice touch on Toyota....with all their bland cars.
  21. Concepts and previsions always look exactly like the production model.
  22. Its ok, for sure it will look better when it comes to production. C&D seems to be pretty off with their GTR reporting it seems, 450 hp isnt very close to 480 ps.

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