C36 was better

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  1. I think the C36 AMG was a better model. Better handling, had more personality.
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    even though its a little slower, i think this is better just because it had a V8
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    Ummm, the C36 was the exact same car with a V6..... I don't know what your talking about. The C43 is 0-60 in 5.6 the C36 is 5.9.
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    The C43 is a little more nose-heavy, but both cars are a great all-around ride. My C43 was wonderful in stock form.<!-- Signature -->
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    I prefer the sound of the V8 from the C43 but they are awesome cars both.<!-- Signature -->
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    Oui moi aussi j'aime plus une C-class avec un V8 moteur
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    Both cars are gr8,,,i don't know from where did you get that handling crap!!
    the 2 cars are exactly the same! only with different engines!
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    Handling crap? The difference is an Inline 6 is a lot lighter than a V8(and also better ballanced), know your shit.
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    YOU have to know YOUR SHIT MY FRIEND!!!!
    I don't think there is that much weight difference between a 3.6 engine and a 4.3 engine,, AND MORE OF THAT YOU IDIOT, the C36 weight 200lb more than the C43!!! the C43 is lighter!!!

    and the C43 handles Better!! and IS faster!!!!

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    well its a fact that a v8 IS bigger/heavier than a I6, it has 2 more cyls. it has more valves and cams and a bigger block, so yes it would be more heavy...
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    please, know what you're talking about BEFORE you talk

    C36 had an enlarged version of the 2.8L six in the C280. C43 had a tuned version of the 4.3L V8 in other mercedes benz's (CLK430, ML430, S430, etc)

    thank you

    btw was the C43 the only car to ever use the amg'd 4.3?
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    The C43 was basically the C36, but with every aspect refined and improved.

    The C43's V8 was aluminum, and the C36 engine was actually derived from the 3.5L diesel, thus being steel, and heavier. If it was taken from the 2.8, they would have bored it out so much, that the components would be weak as hell.

    I wish you all well, and some knowledge before you try correcting others.
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    i like this model better than the new one. all the AMGs are good cars because they are cars improved from their original state by a company who knows what they're doing. the newer version of this car seems so.... boring... anyone agree?
  14. So much misinformation, so little time.
    The C36 was an INLINE engine, not a V6 for starters, and WAS a bored and stroked version of the M104 Engine also found in the C280.
    The weight difference between the two engines is approximately 20kg, and given the M113 V8 could be placed lower and further back in the engine bay as it is effectively 2 cylinders shorter than the inline 6, would improve the weight distribtion more than enough to compensate for the extra 20kg.
    ( Mr Boost... The AMG M113 '430' engine also found a home in the W210 E-Class, and possibly also the W140 S-Class, although I can't be certain of the latter )
    Will people who know nothing about a subject please keep their thoughts to themselves ?

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