C6/Cobalt series continues

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by bob777, Sep 8, 2004.

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  2. haha...nice one.
  3. LOL! That little bast...
  4. Seriously, I think that little car has some potential. I read somewere that it does mid 14's in the 1/4 mile right out of the box. (the SS model)
  5. Doubtful that it'll do 14s in the 1/4mile out of the box
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  7. That figure is based off an interview with a GM exec. The (experienced) journalist who took the interview does some freelance work for me. My writer guy also saw the actual car (as the article on the site testifies). And considering the heavier ION Red Line did 14.8 (R&T figure), I'd say the Cobalt can do better.
  8. Ok 14 is way different than 14.9, though yes they are both in the number 14, when u say it runs 14s, it sounds way faster than 14.9, and U know what forget what I said , thats still pretty damn fast(14.9)!! man!!!
  9. you're a horrible waste of internet. you should find out what three dozen Ibuprofen taste like.
  10. Im no catholic, but stop making fun of the Pope, damnit! Thats really offensive to lots of people!
  11. These newe Chevy commercials are awesome...only problem is I haven't seen any of them on TV.
  12. IS that a true test by someone? If not then i dont care.

    OH yeah to BuickGNX, your post are very offensive to everyone with a brain on this forum.
  13. bump is a great commercial.
  14. which post? how sensitive are you?? maybe as if I pat you on the back , your spinal column will collapse, If your that sensitive, then ya my comments may be offensive!
  15. Like this one. You're just so retarded its not even funny
  16. it wouldnt run that trap speed with 205 hp.
  17. Yes, it's a true test by someone! What else could do it? A remote control? I don't think anything, besides "Someone" could drive a car...
  18. It makes more than 205 hp. It's under-rated. Like the SRT-4. Fact. Read up on the Ion Red Line.
  19. everything is under-rated
    if it wasn't you'd have a Mazda recall
  20. Don't give me that BS of "everything's under-rated". That's like saying a Ferrari has 4 wheels just like the Corolla, therefore they are similar cars.
    An ION Red Line has 197 WHP, as tested by Sport Compact Car. And the Cobalt is 100 lbs lighter, so it should do better.
  21. 14's as every one else will agree means 14.00-14.999
  22. Someone as in NOT GM FANBOY

    OH yeah the bump video is on TV all the time now
  23. I hope this works for GM

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