C6/Cobalt series continues

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by bob777, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. because GM fanboys drive so much better than anybody else, lol

  2. What a brilliant marketing campaign by GM. It makes the Cobalt's name synonomus with performance and younger lifestyle without diminishing the Vette's image.
  3. Shut up. Anything that runs slower than 13 is worthless.
  4. as far as "fast" goes, 14.9 is pathetic
  5. ha, 14.9 is pathetic? Let me name you some cars that are in the same area.

    The Audi A8L
    TT roadster 3.2 quattro DSG
    BMW 530i
    Cadillac CTS
    BMW 330i
    Chrysler Crossfire
    Honda Accord
    Jaguar Xtype 3.0
    Jaguar S type
    Lexus IS 300
    Mazda Miata
    Mazda 3s
    Benz 320 Sport
    Mini Cooper S
    Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
    Nissan Altima 3.5 SE
    Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE
    Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V
    Saab 9-3 Vector
    Saturn Ion Redline
    Toyota Celica GT-S
    Toyota MR2 Spyder
    VW Jetta
    VW Passat GLX
    Volvo S40

    All those numbers are straight from Road and Track, ofcourse this is if the 14.9 holds up for the cobalt, which it should considering the ION redline does. Now, if you consider all of those cars pathetic then by all means your right. But I dont think any of those cars are pathetic really.
  6. GM is notorious for under rating cars HP numbers. The 2002 Z28 was stated to have 310Hp. Dyno Tests show it was over 300 to the wheels.
  7. Honda Accord? must be v-6 manual otherwise it's like 15.9
  8. I didnt say that those were close to 14.9, the accord as you point out isnt, even with its "performace" variance. The fact of the matter is that this little cobalt is mighty quick, and can hang with a lot of things out of its class, including absolutly killing a lot in its class. I really hate it when people say something like 14.9 is a pathetic 1/4 mile time, that is a bunch of bs.
  9. I agree the Cobalt SS is quick. I thought from the first line you meant those cars ran close to 14.9s.
  10. no, they are just a handful of cars that are between like 14.7 and 16.0 or so. Pretty good compeition.

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