C6 vs. Z06

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by billyjean, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. E30 Evo LOL!
  2. ZO6, funner to drive and a wonderful exhaust note
  3. lol...nobody voted
  4. Z06 for its performance
  5. Z06. I dont like the C6.
  6. C6 is better looking, but as a true Corvette fanboy I have to pick the Z06 for it's awesome performance.
  7. black Z06 with black wheels.
  8. I think I'd sacrifice a bit of performance for a better looking car. My choice is the C6 with the Z51 performance package and it's gotta be black on black after seeing my cousin's in that combo.
  9. any pics of ur cousin's car ??
  10. No unfortunately. It was pouring on Thanksgiving when he was up and by the time it stopped raining all I cared about was getting a ride before he left. He lives in Virginia, so I don't know when I'll be able to get some either.
  11. lol ur a #%$got!
  12. haha, nice
  13. C6, I never liked the Zo6 hardtop. I actually liked the regular Corvette hatchback style (and yes I just used the H word...)
  14. styling:
    C5 coupe>C6>Z06

    C6 Z51=Z06

    Therefore, the C6 Z51 has the best combination of styling and performance.
  15. Haha, my buddy has one of those...pretty badass car. Also has an E30 M3 with an E36 M3 motor in it, an E46 M3 (silver on red leather, very cool). And his father has a few nice cars as well.

    In terms of this discussion, probably C6
  16. exactly. althought the c6 is gorgeous, i think id take the c5 z06 for the handling and the name. but once the new z comes out, its a whoel different story.
  17. get a street legal c6 to go under 9.8 in the 1/4 and ill change my vote....send the link
  18. its only a matter of time

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