C6 Z06 and E63 M6

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by RLQ, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Which is more exiting in the comming years.
  2. For me, definitely the Z06.
  3. the Z06 has been the better kept secret.. the m6 was definately exciting when i first heard about it, but there isnt anything about the newly confirmed info that surprised me or was new to me.. besides seeing the actually car without camo.
  4. I wonder what the top speed is of the M6 with the limiter off.
  5. I dont care much for both. M6 I guess...
  6. Z06 for me because well I'm a Corvette fanboy, and that's what I like American muscle, but the M6 is very nice in it's own right.
  7. Z06, both cars are fast but I like the Z06's styling more
  8. nothing can beat this car for its price
  9. whats it cost?
  10. 70, give or take 5
  11. M6

    Pre-edit: whoa >70% is fanboy
  12. source me up, scottie.
  13. you mean 30 percent because the ZO6 if in fact is everything its cracked up to be will destroy every M car ever produced for the street, including the M3 CSL
  14. thats probably true seeing as the GTR strassenversion never hit any tracks.. even though id prolly poop my pants if the new z06 could beat it around a track.. but the z06 has yet to test and new M cars are on the way.
  15. you have the new M3 which will likely have a CSL version but i dont see it beating the ZO6 without a V8

    the M6 is chunky and i dont think BMW can drop 800 pounds to even get it close to that of the ZO6 so they would have to add a bunch of power

    M5, its a sedan, good and all but its not going to take the ZO6

    unless BMW makes a supercar i doubt any M car really has a shot for at least a few years
  16. M6 is chunky, but it has a back seat to loose and more carbon to don.. the new M3 im 90% sure will have a V8 and im 40% sure itll make 420-460 hp and might run with F430s with a CSL version likely to remain compedative with Challenge versions of the F430.
  17. Both are awesome like whoa, but being a fan of fiberglas and thumping tourque, I go to the 'vette.
  18. yes, i love the new m6, but the z06 is one fo my dream cars
  19. 4.0L V-8 with 400 hp and 7 speed smg
  20. not confirmed.. other reports say anywhere from 400 to 463. the january issue of R&T says a 4.4L V8 with 393 hp (like the one used in the 745 645 and 545.). no one is sure.. and i can be almost certain the the M3 will come with a stick shifting manual, in which case not even the 7-speed is a done deal.

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