C6 Z06 = GTR Killer

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  4. European pricing for Corvette ZR1 doubles to over $214k

    If you're an American buyer exasperated at trying to actually secure yourself a new Corvette ZR1 at its $105k sticker price without mark-up and dealer speculation, be glad you live on this side of the pond and not the other. Corvette sales in Europe are not handled in-house by GM, but by Kroymans, a Dutch importer, which has revealed its price for the new uber-Vette: a whopping 136,000 euros, equivalent to over $214,000 USD at the moment. The price includes shipping, gas-guzzler tax and an advanced driving course, and puts the new super Vette firmly into Ferrari territory. With demand rising and only 70 ZR1s reaching Europe this year � and an additional 150 in subsequent full years � Kroymans may get its asking price, just so long as they don't park it at the local Chevrolet dealership next to the Matiz and Aveo.

    HAHA what a joke
  5. How is it a joke? Rarity=more expensive. They'll sell them. This vette will hold its value a ton better than a generic off the line Ferrari that can't perform anywhere near as well too, so it might not be such a bad financial move in the long haul.
  10. lol @ ferrari that can't perform anywhere near as well too, why? because it is faster in the ring? ok lets see if the zr1 is faster that the 599 @ fiorano.
  11. I love how america has one answer to everything, corvette. so when will I see america have 10 or 15 cars that can beat the europeans? And if America does make that many will they come out of the rubbermaid factory like the vette or actually be made out of quality materials?

    I'm sure im gonna get blasted on this, and yes the vette is insanely quick, but come on it only took america what, 100 years to make something decent.

  12. Saleen S7, Mosler MT900, ZR1, GT40/GT.
  13. Who gave the GTR the zilla nick anyway. I know it wasn't anyone here. Anyone got sources? Just curious
  14. As much as I'd like to like the Saleen, everytime I ask on these forums, nobody seems to be able to find a single Timeattack time of it being compared to other cars.

    Feel me to enlighten me though.
  15. Yeah its sad that none of the owners wont let it run on a track.

    The only benchmark we can rely on would be the FIA-GT races. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    But supposedly the S7 produces nearly twice the downforce of an Enzo, which is pretty impressive.

    Ok I just looked at wikipedia and here's what I found.

    The S7 produces its own weight (1250kg) in downforce at 160mph.

    In comparison, the Enzo produces 775kg in downforce at 186mph.

    Considering that they both have about the same top speed, while the Enzo has over 100hp more, I think that's a pretty impressive achievement.
  16. Because it doesn't? I was talking about the F430, but the 599 gets romped even harder in terms of all the benchmarks that we have at present. I'm not saying Ferrari can't make a car that is better than the ZR1, because obviously they can and will, but the ZR1 destroys the Ferraris on the market (especially for the money you pay). I'd put the ZR1 up against anything on any track. It simply has great specs, and while it may be beat on some tracks by some cars it will certainly not get embarrassed.
  17. Are you retarded? Since when do vettes hold value anywhere close to Ferraris?
  18. Exer knows everything
  20. Yeah thats the problem. Its a whole bunch of "supposedly" and no actual proof. Which is a shame and probably why Steve Saleen isnt the most loved citizen here on sc.net

    Anyways.. back on topic, zo6 rabble rabble gtr rabble rabble.
  21. Your mom
  22. Well, they did rape everything in FIA-GT back in 2003 or something.
  23. This isn't a base corvette coupe dude. That's my whole point.

    The 90s ZR1s still sell for a bit better than half of their original MSRP. So do mid 90s Ferraris. All I'm saying is that 10-20-30 years from now a ****ZR1**** will probably be worth more than a run of the mill F430. There will be more F430s, it was a generic ass car to begin with (READ: it didn't break any new ground hence won't hold any special value as a record breaking awesome car), and it doesn't perform as well. 30 years an F430 will be a 328GTS and a ZR1 will be like a 427 Vette or a 50s Vette with a lot of collectors value because of its rarity.

    If I was trying to compare it to an Enzo I'd say the Enzo would probably hold it's value/appreciate much quicker, but against a run of the mill F430 no way. Maybe the Scuderia will keep up.
  25. This thread is miles ahead of the GT-R thread for so many reasons.

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