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  1. if anyone has read the new Car and Driver, the one with the viper and sl55 on the cover, knows that Porsche made a few cabs of this magnificent car. They were sold to long time porshce customers and even the management of porsche didn't know about. sorry don't have a link but it's a good article to read.
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    I did. That Black Cabriolet looked tight.
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    yeah that was pretty sweet.
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    Better then most Vipers <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    sorry but i don't like jokes like that. unless of course they are aimed at porsche <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Not a joke...reality.
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    i thought the C.I.A. didn't have a sense of humor? but this agent sure does. thinks a 911 turbo can beat a viper. (laughing on the ground uncontrollably) now uh where was i oh yes right, the cia not having a sense of humor. Well anyway, you are a funny CIA agent. Is that your cover? A funny man??
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    Not this again...
    1) I wasn't joking
    2) Vipers don't stand a chance (maybe the SRT10)
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    now thank you who for the pictures?
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    Sweet dude!!! Thanks alot.
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    I want one of these. It's awesome.
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    dude, the old viper HAD BEATEN the 911 turbo, but NOT the GT2. The new SRT-10 is made to destroy the GT2. They both have different aims. Since the GT2 is better then the 911, the SRT-10 would then be able to beat it cuz it can beat the GT2. Do the math.
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    Where the hell does it say that a SRT10 beat a GT2? SRT10 doesn't get close. Didn't you see in your own SRT10 forums when it said GT2 vs. SRT10 and the winner of course was the GT2?

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    Man you guys and your american cars.... Viper- beat Porsches? first of all what models? TheGts-r loses to the turbo. I don't know anything about the new srt-10. I read somewhere that it could have 1,000 hp and go 0-60 in 2.7?!?!? Is that whack or true? I can proundly say i don't know anything about vipers except that most of tem are ugly ; )
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    hehehe...The SRT10 only has 500 horses and goes from 0-60 in around 4 seconds...The 1000hp 0-60 in 2.7 seconds is the Hennessy Viper...modified and plus the AutoThority stage IV Turbo would take it.
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    ugly? LOL where u get that from? u need to get ur eyes cheked, Vipers a beautiful machine!
    look at the pic and tell me how u can call that ugly!
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    Its okay...Its ugly in pictures but looks awesome in real life.
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    ur wrong my friend, how can the "managment of porsche" not know about it.
    I've seen many Turbo cabs (in pix). they are ALL made b tuners such as gamballa, tech art and the others.
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    I think C&D is wrong...Porsche should know about a Cabriolet Turbo if they made one so it appears the Cab in the picture is either a modified car or some person made the mods on it paying big $$$
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    about this topic, they prob either stuck a cab body onto turbo chassi, which wouldnt be THAT dificult, considering their the same platform and everything, or they coulda put the turbo enigne into a cabrolet (i dunno how theyd account for the awd tho) oh well, id be nice <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    as for a viper vs turbo, sorry man, i love vipers, but your fightin a losin battle, the 911 turbo is clearly the better car, as for srt10vs gt2, again thats not much of a contest, but a turbo/srt10 thing would be good. the old vipers handleing just wouldnt be able to hold the turbos. im not sayin it cuz its an american car that it cant turn, im sayin it has a shitty suspention. the stats may say otherwise, but ill trust mario/michael (cant rememba which one) andrettis opinion, that the handleing the old vipers was absolutely very dificult to have success, sloppy, and absolutely horrifing (as in cant tell where its gon go next) sorry, but the viper lost this fight. yay for carreragtracer!
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    I think some private companies did that sorta like Carvaggio does to the Z06

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