Cadillac Converj revealed

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 23inchrimzzzzzzz, Jan 11, 2009.

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  2. it doesnt look too good and it being electric makes it even gayer.
  3. The grill and headlights need some serious reworking, i like the rest of the car for the most part. i like the idea of a Volt style electric car, i would buy one if it can still do the 40miles without gas trick. my first new car will be a car that is at least equal to what the volt can do as an electric car.
  4. That looks great. I wish they just made a rwd V6 version for 30k.
  5. Seems alright, if they manage to find enough cash to put this into production, it'll be a nice sight on the road.
  6. hot but Cadillac should start making cars out of their concepts.
  8. lol it's a gaylardo
  9. Gay name, gay car
  10. wil never be built
  11. meh, looks alright, i still hate this knife edge design Cady has
  12. I hate the names of concept cars
  13. lower the waist 2IN and it might be nicer.
  14. Stupid name, hot car.
  17. Old concept, new powertrain
    This is just a further slanted caddy coupe concept

    Hey, that's how they will save money now-release the same concept twice!
  18. doubt it toyota is making a rebadged Prius, so now GM will automatically copy them with yet another sub par-yet better looking product
  20. Looks pretty cool

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