Cadillac CTS-V Black Diamond Edition

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  2. the CTS-V has a better interior (better styles is an opinion, but quality is similar) and better handling (proven quite a few times). the LSX platform engine is just as, if not more reliable than the german competition, and also less expensive to repair.

    the only questionable thing is resale value.....but considering how the high end german cars drop like a rock after 4-5 years, i doubt the caddy can do much worse.

    and im not a caddy actually looking into buying an audi right now......but you gotta respect the fact that the new CTS-V is the top in its segment right now, and for less money than its competition.
  3. You're really talking out your ass. You clearly didn't even research the car you're bashing.

    You're just riding the "It's American, it must be crap" argument to the grave.

    The Europeans are surely great cars and I don't discredit them in the least. But if you could actually QUANTIFY what makes the E63 and M5 something like $20,000 better than this fantastic Cadillac, I'd love to hear it.

    They may be a bit superior to the Cadillac in some areas, and lacking in some others, but you're just paying a premium for the badge and because dumbass people are willing to pay that much for them, regardless of whether a more affordable, yet just as nice/engaging/comfortable/luxurious/well performing/etc. alternative exists.
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  5. Lol at all the Eurotrash completely unwilling to accept that an American car could be as good as your precious European brands.
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    Value is subjective. It changes from people to people, depending on their income. So good luck QUANTIFYING that.

    But here's a starting point to quantify. From today's current exchange rates: 1.00 EUR = 1.36471 USD. The German cars will already be at a price disadvantage due to currency issues alone. Plus shipping/import duties, which a CTS-V doesn't face. Go price a CTS-V in Germany, and then see what you get.

    I happen to like the CTS-V and the way it looks, but for some people, it's just too bling, too in-your-face. Some people prefer a more conservative look. That doesn't make them dumbasses.

    Here's another point you can quantify: Add up the available options list for the CTS-V and compare them to an M3.

    Keep in mind this is even *before* you dip into the Individual catalog where you can specify different aluminum trim finishes, leather stitching color, etc. Mercedes and Audi offer similar levels of customization. For people in the market for a $60k+ luxury car, the kind of customization even at the base level is more relevant than a few tenths shaved on a racetrack they will likely never, ever put a wheel on.

    BTW, GM benchmarks Audi for interior quality, even though they already have Cadillac. Wonder why that is.
  14. European cars are more expensive because they CAN charge more, people still buy them!

    Then ofcourse this goes for BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi.

    Comparing CTS-V vs M5, E63 and RS6

    Dont know wich is the fastest of the bunch, but i do know that the RS6 in most tests beats the M5 and the E63 in acceleration, and that another test i saw it also was quicker than the CTS-V, wich still beat the M5 and the E63.

    Still, buying a car of this caliber needs alot of cash.. wichever one chooses.

    If i had the cash, id gladly pay the extra thousands that the RS6 costs, because i love its badass V10 biturbo, and its the nicest to sit in according to me, love the interior !!
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    GM benchmarks every car made on the planet, just like every other manufacturer. Toyota buys ferraris and rolls royces to dissect them despite not having any vehicles in any market even close to those (ignoring the LF-A)
  17. Ignoring all the trolling,
    Cts v sedan looks awesome in person
    Just looks fast
  18. I dont know who here has seen the coupe and sedan IRL but at least on net pics the sedan looks much more proportional and just, good.
  19. Don Wheaton/Edmonton Motors have a nice selection to check out and compare body styles.
  20. Thanks, hows Edmonton doing for you? I've had enough snow for the rest of my life !
  21. GM benchmarks the Veyron, exactly like Morgan does too? Right. No wonder they were in the shitter.

    The difference is that unlike these other marques, only GM has publicly stated they need to improve things like the interior quality. Unlike other companies, it seems only GM execs have thrown their own cars under the bus for quality issues (Cobalt, Cadillac, Corvette, etc.)
    Here's another difference: When was the last time a premium marque manufacturer benchmarked a GM product's interior quality? When GM's VP of global engineering admits that Audi is the benchmark for interiors, maybe there is some truth to it, rather than some conspiracy to make American cars look bad.
  22. ugh, why can't americans just accept that european cars are better? usa isn't #1 everything for #$%# sake.
  23. Merikan cars can't turn right.
  24. I'm not claiming that the Cadillac is better, but it's definitely the best value for money and can go toe-to-toe with the Europeans.

    And in general, European cars are better than American cars, but I just wish the mindset that ALL American cars are garbage would begin to change. Not all American cars are good, but many are beginning to become cars that should be worthy of the world's respect, and I just wish the rest of the world would at least acknowledge that we're heading in the right direction.
  25. every major company buys up GMs cars to do benchmarking studies of them.

    is that where they set their design targets? Probably not. Do they do in depth studies of the competition? Absolutely.

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