Cadillac CTS

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  1. If the trunk didn't look so useless, I would be pushing for one at my work.
  2. that front end is like, perfect.
  3. like the looks of it.

    interior is still a bit so so as expected.
  4. Looking good but the trunk should be a bit longer.
  5. Looking a bit like the C class these days.
  6. Not a fan of the light strips, but looks good overall.
  7. so the ATS is the new CTS and the new CTS is the new... ?
  8. Looks perfect.
  9. Everything looks excellent... except once you get behind the C pillar, it gets way too GM for me. Overall though, really like it.
  10. DTS.
  11. Better looking than a 5 series or e class
  13. that shit be like, baller shot caller
  14. Needs bigger wheels.
  15. Can't wait for the coupe.
  16. ya holy shit. if they did a Wraith type back for it, i'd flip.
  17. that'd be noir as fuuuuuuu. I'd have it over a GTR or a 911 with the V8 (probably because it would be 30k cheaper than either)
  18. it'd be more of a GT car. The current CTS V Coupe is really only up against like, M3, C63 Coupes and it's still the tourers choice.

    I'd take it over an XK8 or C63 for sure.

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    Looks nice in video:

    The TTV6 sounds like a nice option
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    That looks really good, elegant.
  21. STS
  22. More like STS, the XTS is the new DTS.

    Dumb alphanumeric car names are dumb...
  23. Ford Lincoln is really on the losing end of this.
  24. Yeah. Ford needs a dramatic re-hash of the Lincoln brand. This Lincoln Motor Company bullshit isn't cutting it.

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