Cadillac ULS

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Speed Demon, Dec 24, 2004.

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  2. yeah, this is old, but interesting. i really dont like what this rendering shows, it looks like an MB which is mainly boring old people cars now days, not a cadillac, although i really dont think this really has anything except for size in commen with what the real ULS will have...
  3. In my opinion it puts that new MB "Coupe" to shame.
  4. hmmm, a Caddy Maybach. Interesting.
  5. PLEASE don't do tu-tone Caddy!! PLEASE!!!! It's definetly not good for you. Otherwise it'd be a very nice addition to the American market.
  6. Gm's Maybach? This thing looks gay.
  7. It needs to have some sharper curves just to fit with the other Cadillacs.
  8. This is the right direction to go in but it does look very Maybachish.
  9. They should make the Sixteen instead of that....
  10. Looks like the wheels off of the Sixteen in the first pic......
  11. first of all that is a crappy Pshop i highly doubt Bob Lutz would allow the ULS to look like that when the 16 got such rave reviews
  12. correct

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