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  1. up here they are pricey even used.

    wheelman you should man up and buy a used range rover for less than 10k.
  2. They're not that expensive if you get a used one. You can get like a 10 year old one in good shape for a decent amount, well where I live at least, not sure about canada.
  3. they weren't a big seller up here. they're fairly rare to find in a condition that some asshole hasn't make an "off road car" out of.
  4. Ah, around here rich people use them as daily commuters, so finding a cheap one that has been well maintained is easy.

    We have a 95 that we bought with around 50k miles on it around 2000. Now is has about 210k and has been the best vehicle we have ever owned. Nothing serious has ever gone wrong and it has never left us stranded.

    Just checked canada craigslist for them, and lol. Most of them are right hand drive and like $20k.
  5. exactly.
  6. Do NOT buy one with a Northstar Engine! and if you do, it better be under a $1000 car.
  7. Some of the best cadillacs to consider were the older ones of the 60's-70's with either the 472ci or the 500ci engine which were bulletproff and very reliable. If you want a good suv, then the Touareg might be a good choice, but I bet it might be expensive in Canada.
  8. Funny I havn't had a damn serious problem with any of the 4 Caddys I own/mantain; To be fair my friends with Hondas of the same vintage have more problems...
  9. yeah, a 7 or 8 litre engine that manages under 10mpg is a great idea for Sweden, where petrol costs the equivalent of close to $9 per gallon...
  10. but besides that, mechanically they are stupid cars to work on.


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