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  1. I am thinking that Ferrari might unveil the F70 in a few years, the successor to the enzo and maybe when it comes out, the fastest car in history (maybe not in top speed, cars are built for that like the SSC and the Bugatti). I would definately expect it to have a hybrid drive system like the formula 1 cars and be very light with upwards of 800 horses.
  2. yes, i think so
    because ive heard that its going to be like an F1 car
    and maybe they gonna put the Fxx Evo engine in it, because they've been working & testing that engine for years.
  3. i love ferraris, but when it comes to there front engined cars, not as much, i dont like the looks of the 599 or 612. the claifornia looks good, but it doesnt have enough power and it isnt light enough. the 360 from 2000 has better a power to weight ratio then the california. this new 458 looks sick and has a but load of power and is light.this thing will own all of its rivals
  4. The 599 XX and the FXX evo where built solely for F1 research in supercars, and are perfect examples of what is to come of the F70....

    If this is the "Mid class" ferrari, boasting 570 hp (keep in mind there will more than likely be a challenge stradale / Scuderia model in the works)... And with supercars/sport sedans/high end performance luxury cars's engines getting even more powerful for a fraction of the price (ZR1, SLK black series, GT-R, AMG, M series, etc...), and porsche's new "GT-1" boasting 1000 hp in progress, just imagine what is to come of the F70.... It's almost scary....

    And I don't even think It's going to have 800 hp and light weight..... I'm thinking what if they somehow get 900-1000 with light weight, and F1 dynamics to make this thing the greatest supercar ever made performance wise.
  5. you're an idiot go home
  6. Kudos, my man. Best V-8 powered mid-engined supercar that's produced right now. I hope the Enzo successor is better than any of us could imagine.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. Great reasoning...
  8. you don't need reasoning in the indies.
  9. Yeah Ferrari might come up with a replacement for the Enzo, good job Nostradamus.

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