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    I wouldn't give up being around stuff like this for anything:

    edit: I was at that competition, got some good video but the tape is garbled, I'll try to upload it sooner or later.

    I can't think of anything that beats mudding, drinking beer, wrestling with hot chicks in the rain, swimming in a river to wash off, good music, and grilling burgers; all in the same place.
  2. why? the average 'successful' cali grower earns 100k/year growing 4-6 crops/year indoors. more than that, ive been around enough plants to feel confident enough to do it myself, and i cant imagine not loving it. what it comes down to is, i know more about pot and various high-end strais than the average pot smoker, and i'd love to make a living either growing it being a middleman for it.

    and youre right, it's lucrative now in small volume because it's still a grey market business. the market gets constrained on the supply side because the dea wil go after anyone whose operation gets 'too big', so this allows the price to stay inflated. when everything really starts to open up, yes, supply will explode and the price will drop - but i'd be well positioned to transition my business into the new market, pump out more volume and grow further.

    btw, the law regarding growing it varies from town to town, county to county. most places let you grow a certain amount for personal use, others allow you to grow more (up to 99 plants in mendocino) provided you have the documentation proving it's being sold to medical dispensaries or for a collective of patients.
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  5. She is so hit it's very funny.
  6. no, I think she's so hurt it's not really funny anymore, because now she's hurt, beat up, and she doesn't seem to enjoy wearing clothes. triple uuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. roscoe uuuuuuuuuuu-mali
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    must be opposite day
  9. NORCAL w00t!
  10. wut u live in the middel of california
  12. LA is a vile, putrid, shithole. SF is a gorgeous city.
  13. man stfu u just jelious
    so cal tha best 4evr
  15. u found me out ;_;
  16. Speaking of, there's this dude in College Station that goes by Atarimatt. I went to a house party one time and he was inside with a couple atari 2600's and some other rigged equipment. Each had their own set of sounds and it was the best dance music I had ever heard. Go figure.

    Pic is his knuckles, lol

    Everything I find of his online I dislike, I'll see if I can find anything.
  18. for sure, torn between SF and NY
  19. That's a very risky gamble. I think you're saying that some towns/counties/states allow it, but it's still a federal crime. With minimum sentencing guidelines I would run, not walk, away from anything remotely resembling distribution.

    How can you be sure where you'll stand when the market crashes? Only three months ago Ron Paul and friends introduced a bill to decriminalize possession of less than 100g of weed at the federal level. I know nothing about the pot market, but that'd sounds like enough to allow anyone to supply themselves.

    You also have to consider the criminal element of the business. If you have a very valuable product that you sell to seedy people willing to commit crimes, it increases the likelihood of being robbed or falling victim to other violent acts.

    Bottom line is that by trying to live off the distribution of pot you have to worry about a collapsing market, criminals, federal prosecution, and then there's the whole farming issue.

    If you're that passionate about pot I say you should work to have it legalized where you are and grow small amounts of the best stuff you can. Like microbrewing, I certainly wouldn't even consider distributing it until it's completely lawful. That way you clear up the risks of prison time, the market will settle, criminals are less interested in something of decreased value, etc. So you still get to do your passion with way less risk for way less money.

  20. yah totally.
  21. ive been to both and San Fran was a nicer place to be like WOAH
  23. I live in socal. SF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LA. It is the most dehumanizingly anonymous city I have been to.
  24. Look I live in LA county and Its not my type of place...

    Id rather live in a small town

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