Call me lame,

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. but i just saw a Prowler on the streets today and I still really want one.
  2. Prowlers stopped being cool like the minute every old guy in a flamin tshirt bought one.
  3. They were actually enver really cool.
  4. its SO ugly, i'm glad we don't have those here in europa.
  5. lol, it was on old guy with wearing a leather ball cap.
  6. The only people lamer than Prowler drivers are PT drivers.
  7. I thought they were awesome when I was 7 and the came out.
  9. ha yea i wanted one when i was like 10
  10. you're a FAGGOT
  12. Your Lame

    There Lame
  13. might be worth something in 20 years. But for now they are lame.
  14. My favorite prowler has a V8 in it.
  15. Yeah, there not terribly good
  16. there not good
  17. I call you lame.
  18. Ted Nugent has one
  20. Yeah. I just saw it on CRIBS, he's crazy, and has awful taste in cars.
  21. hes also one of the moast awesome people on the planet. FACT.
  22. this + bumper delete = SEX

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