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  1. alright this is probably over the heads of most of you who think you know a lot about computers. anyway...

    i have an amd 2700 on an epox 8k3a mobo (its a via kt333 board) and im having some strange stability issues, and im 85% percent positive that its just my mobo on the fritz, but the other 15% of me thinks that it could be the cpu.

    to get specific, i cant run my cpu on the stock vcore voltage, luckily my mobo has voltage options, but i have to bump it from 1.65 volts to 1.725 to get the cpu to run at stock fsb speed, otherwise my computer will either randomly reset, or just give me a blank screen after the POST screen (depending on what i have the vcore voltage set on) at stock vcore and stock fsb speeds it just gives me a blank screen. Ive totaly ruled out anything related to the psu, ive tried 3 different ones, one being almost brand new, and ive also used different power cables and even different wall sockets, all with no results. i was having simliar issues with a 1700 xp that i had before i got this 2700, but it didnt start doing it until like 2 years after i bought it (ive had the 2700 for about 2 months) thats why im pretty sure its the motherboard, BUT ive read of people having the same type of problems on forums around the net with amd chips, I think its pretty unlikely that i got 2 cpus with the same problem in a row. I've been able to run my 2700 with a 177 mhz fsb for a while (with vcore at 1.825 volts) and i can still do it, but its not near as stable as it was when i first got my 2700. I hadnt been too concerned about any of it because everything was working fine with the adjustments i made.

    Then today i come home for lunch, and it was stuck on the POST screen with the fsb clocked down to 133 saying something about how my cpu ratios had been changed and that i needed to change them back in the bios, so i go into the bios and set it to the stock fsb (166mhz), with a 1.725 vcore, and save and restart, the computer then restarts again about 5 seconds later, and it sends me right back to the same POST screen, i tried a few more times all with the same results. So then i go into the bios and watch all of the voltage readings, to see if they were what they should be, and the vcore was fluctuating from 1.5 all the way to 1.9. i know its normal for the vcore to fluctuate somewhat, but both of these were pretty far off from what it was set on (and this was with the bus running at 133mhz) so this freaked me out, and i set the vcore back to the default 1.65 and then set the fsb to 100 mhz, and just left my computer running with those settings for the rest of the day while i was at work. So i come home from work, and reset the computer and change the bios back to stock fsb and 1.725 vcore, i reset it again, and it didnt give me the post screen it had been giving me earlier. So i go into the bios again and watch the voltage, and it wasnt fluctuating like it had been. and it still hasnt done it in the past couple of hours. I've had my case open for the last day or 2, and this causes the northbridge temp to go up about 10F, but ive never had any problems running it with the side off of the case before.

    so heres what im thinking is going on: some capacitors or the voltage regulator or something is geeking out on me (some of the capacitors are swollen on top, but i figured this is probably normal since the mobo is like 2 and a half years old) and maybe its been slowly getting worse, to the point where leaving my case open made the mobo get too hot to run stable, so after leaving it clocked really low all day, and then putting my case back together, now its running stable because its not as hot. Though what i think is strange is that neither of my cpu's will run at their stock fsb speeds with stock voltage, even though the vcore range apears to be normal when it is set to stock, thats why im thinking that MAYBE its the cpu, but since it happens with both of my cpu's i have no way of knowing for sure. im pretty close to buying another motherboard, but if its my cpu then id still be stuck with the same problem.

    i know this is a pretty advanced problem, but there are a few of you on here that seem to know your shit, so maybe one of you can help me.
  2. If you can clearly see blown capacitors than it's the board.

    Bouncing from 1.5 to 1.9 is not at all normal, and running at 1.8 and above will probably just overheat it anyways, depending on the cooling...
  3. over the heads of most of you who think you know a lot about computers.

    You such a pretentious #$%#.
  4. the answer to your question is 14.
  5. yeah, but you didnt have a fUcking clue what im talking about did you?
  6. they arent blown, just a little swollen at the top (unless that means they're blown)
  7. of course I have a clue, it's just the way to present your question that I don't like.
  8. i wasnt being specific, its just that for every person who actually knows what they're talking about, theres 20 people who think they know what they're talking about but really dont. i just dont want stupid people poluting my thread with answers that have nothing to do with anything, just because they wanted to sound smart.
  9. *woosh*

    thats the sound of that going over my head.
  10. Sounds like you've done some reasonable trouble shooting. The motherboard sounds to be the cause rather than the CPU> and if I had to guess i'd say the caps are damaged.
  11. yeah, now that i think about it more, im pretty positive its the mobo, the only thing that had me thinking that it might be the cpu was the fact that even though the motherboard was putting out the right voltage, it still wouldnt run right, but now that im pretty sure the caps are #$%#ed, i bet its just not getting clean power. now comes the joy of digging through countless mobo reviews to find one that i want that i can also afford. im tryin to keep it at around 60, maybe 70 bucks off of pricewatch, cause between school and bills, im one broke mofo, but most of the nforce2 boards go for that price, but the one i REALLY want is like 85 bucks. i could wait a couple weeks till i get paid, but i need my computer to be running, and i want to get a replacement as quick as possible because i dont want my motherboard #$%#ing up my other parts.
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    check out I've ordered motherboards from them in the past and had good results. It's all new stuff, just cheap prices.
  13. If you've tried all that and still no results, I'd say almost definitely the mobo.
  14. I didn't read it fully so I'll just give you some tips. Try reseating the heatsink for one, it could be a simple heat-buildup issue. Use some sort of compound between the processor and heatsink.. and literally use it so that you can still see through to the processor or heatsink. Too much will cause heat issues and shutdowns. Try using a different power supply (what is the wattage of the one you have now?) That motherboard is shit anyway. Don't use anything but nForce2 chipsets for XP Athlons. The other way around for Athlon 64's. THe VIA K8T800 chip or something like that is better/almost the same as nForce3 chips for overclocking. And lastly, change the mobo. If you have a friend that can let you borrow/trade with their XP Athlon processor to test it for the day, try that.
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    it wasnt a shit motherboard when i bought it, and nforce2 didnt exist. at the time, its overclocking options were insane compared to other boards, AND it was one of the very first boards to support 333mhz fsb/memory, (it wasnt even officialy supported, i still have to manualy set the fsb to 166mhz, and i have the latest bios) there werent even 333mhz athlons out yet, it lined up nicely because here i am 2 and a half years later running an overclocked 2700 xp (well, it was overclocked before things started going shitty) being able to select the bus speed in 1 mhz increments was pretty rare at the time.

    anyway, yeah i used thermal glue when i installed the cpu, and ive got a pretty nice fan/heatsink, even with the higher voltage settings i had to use, it wasnt even getting above 55 C. and yeah, i exhausted every possiblity of it being anything related to the powersupply (i tried 3 different ones, and i even tried different power cables and wall sockets)

    but yes, nforce2 boards are the best athlon mobo's out nowadays, via's kt400 totaly blows, and the kt600 still isnt as fast as nforce2 chipsets. in fact, i just ordered this one right here:

    It was a tad bit more than i wanted to pay, but since i let my family use this computer my dad said hed pay for half of it, so i read mobo reviews for like 3 hours, and that one has awesome reviews everywhere, and asus is about the only company still making feature rich nforce2 boards, most of the other companies dropped their really nice ones since anyone willing to spend a lot of cash on a mobo, isnt going to be getting an athlon xp. everyone else just sells revised low feature ones, and none of them have reviews anywhere because no one cares about them.

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