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  1. while they realise the gto was a complete flop why not a firebird too? the concept even looks better than the mustang and challenger,finally GM doest something right
  2. The new Camaro concept is built on Holden's Zeta Platform, which was originally brought over to GM by Pontiac for their 2008 GTO, which also takes on the retro style and will use hints of the old '66 design for the 2008 year. They're using the same platform now for the Camaro and Buick will use it too, as they did for the Velite Concept. The Firebird, in the meantime, will not be put into production due to the existance and the plans for the GTO. The rumor right now is that should the Camaro be a failure for GM, then they'll bring the Firebird back.
  3. Too bad GM is going down the drain finantially. Many would disagree with me, but I think they are eventually going out of business. They are making, I believe, less than 1% profit because the unions behind it. I also think Ford is right around there, whereas Japenese companies like Honda are making somewhere between 4 to 7%.
  4. it's built on a new plataform based on the Zeta plataform
  5. No, it IS the Zeta platform. GM didn't bother with coming up with variations to that platform since it's already a good design and they don't have time or money to bother with coming up with new designs, be they very similiar to the Zeta or different.
  6. UGLY! It looks like a mix b/t the Crossfire and, well, I guess the original Camaro.

    I don't mind retro styling, but get it right.
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  8. i sense that this car is gonna do alot of damage to the upcoming charger, the new mustang.. and maybe a pontiac gto ; if pontiac decied to join the craze of resurrecting the dead.
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  10. That's right, it IS the Zeta platform!!! Although GM was planning to put the Zeta platform on ice, Holden had already done so much design and engineering work on it, that GM decided to consider it again for use, but not on as big a scale. It is the original Zeta platform, as Holden has planned to use it all along for the VE commodore (the HSV models of which will be running the LS2 with the exact same power output!!!)
  11. it'not back yet..this is only a GM styling excersize..if this does make it into production it'll be in 08 or so
  12. hello aussie, finally someone understands what its all about.
  13. the GTO is going on the same platform, would be retarded for pontiac to try and squeeze both the GTO and firebird into the lineup in this day and age.

    the new GTO will be american built and designed on a holden platform (same as camaro concept) though so its basically the same as a firebird (sibling to the camaro)
  14. hows is life being blind? typing must be really hard..
  15. it is a zeta platform. when they say its a derivative it basically means they used the zeta platorm with some tweaks to make it a camaro which is a bit different to what the zeta was designed for. Its like saying the monaro is a derivative from the commodore platform (an aussies will understand) the basic platform of the car is the same.
  16. THe Camaro's back and ready to kill FOrds's Gay little Mustang with a powerful shot.
  17. GM has a bad case of after the fact. It is two years too late. Ford did the concept Mustang in '04, and the production car came out in '05. GM will build the car as a 2009+ model. Yeah, it probably will beat a Mustang GT, it better since it comes out 4+ years later than the Mustang.
  18. This car is so kool looking but we jsut have to wait and see if this is what it is really going to look like
  19. LOL

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