Camaro MIGHT be a diesel

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  1. GM was counting on Fiat's award winning and benchmark MultiJet technology for theyr whole line up. Once the deal with fiat was over they had only secured the Multijet engines for displacement capacities under 3.0 liters
  2. You think it would make sense for GM to develop a new diesel that would beat the very best of the high-end German companies and still have those engines economical enough to be put in Camaros and Impalas? If GM could make an engine that as good as the current high-end German diesels and still have them be financially able to stick them in $25k cars, I'd be completely thrilled about that. How far exactly did you think that post through?
  3. In the words of PandaBeat..........STFU....the Camaro will never be diesel
  4. Quote from PandaBeat:
    You're making me and ChevyRocks horny. Would love a Camaro diesel.
  5. lol owned.
  6. Camaro TDI, lol.
  7. #$%#in' OUCH.
  8. Sure, if the Camaro was made by the VAG.
  9. Actually, benchmarked, means they used it as a target to improve upon. if they improve upon the best, they then become the best. They said they have done it and are waiting for patents. mercedes said they are confident they too will manage to build a new deisel that will meet the strict demands of the future polution laws, but don't know how yet. GM apears to already havea leg up on mercedes.

    Kinda like when ford used the ferrari 360 as a benchmark when they built the GT.
  10. Thats because it was way overpriced and couldnt fit on tiny crappy euro-roads.
  11. You've never been to Europe, and you're also full of shit.
  12. And freightliners could. Imagine how big that Camaro was!
  13. Good idea nevertheles.
  14. And JC complains about the width of his Ford GT?
  15. thats because there are no highways in britain, tard
  16. Considering parking, I can imagine that.
  17. brilliant idea. its things like this that could give chevy grouth in europe, and desiels grouth in the US.
  18. Nah, just look at 300C sales, people buy it because it looks american. And people wan't it to be american hence why the diesel isn't selling that much. The diesel sportscar market isn't mature yet for a car of this kind IMO. Particularly when the car comes from a country with close to 0 diesel credibility in europe
  19. Depends, how's diesel doing in Portugal generally? I think 30-40% of all new cars bought here in the Netherlands are diesels. Even the 406 Coupe with diesel engine did fairly well.
  20. well its still a growing market, if they can do it right, and still get it to perform, then it might open some eyes, im not saying it will, hell we know almost nothing about the engine, or if it will even be in the car, but its still possible, and i think if the proper people test/write about it in their mags, and get the word out (assuming this isnt a pile of media garbage) than people might be interested BECAUSE its a great diesel engine coming from an american company in a car that is very american.
  21. Do you have sales numbers for the PT Cruiser with diesel/gas engines?
  22. I love diesels, but not in a Camaro.
  23. Britain isnt a part of europe?
    If I remember right it was the fact it was too wide for a certain bridge. The 4th gen Camaro is just 2in narrower than the GT.
  24. +1
  25. Surely they are 35% / 45% of the market

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